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"Weapons" is the first of five tabs in the player's inventory. This tab holds weapons, lockpicks, and ammo. Weapons can be repaired by factory workers.

Icon Name Type Description
Doublebarrelledpistol.png Double Barrelled Pistol Gun An old derringer-type pocket pistol. Has minimal recoil and weak penetrative power. The handle is fashions for a very small palm, too small even for some women. A last resort weapon.
Knife.png Knife Melee Weapon An ordinary meat-cutting knife. Can be used as a melee weapon. Not as good as a sharp scalpel in a face to face fight, but can instantly kill if stabbing the back. Becomes dull and brittle after about half a hundred blows.
Ui klara ammo b.png Light Patron Ammo Patron of circular ignition, .41 caliber. Ammunition for the Derringer. (Not present in Pathologic Classic HD.)
Lockpick.png Lockpick Lockpick A homemade disposable lockpick. Such lockpicks can be used to open simple locks on the doors of typical houses.
Revolver.png Revolver Gun A six-round semi-automatic revolver. Employed by certain special units in the active army. Accurate and has a good fire rate, but only limited penetrative power. Easy to handle with weak recoil and good balance. Such revolvers are a rarity in modern times.
Ui revolver ammo b.png Revolver Ammo Ammo A revolver bullet with a round nose. Steel jacket, steel core. A relatively rare type of round. It's recommended to use it sparingly.
Rifle.png Rifle Gun An outdated model of army rifle. Powerful, reliable, and long-ranged, it became a favorite of soldiers and craftsmen during the latest war. Is light and has a soft recoil. A useful weapon for long-range combat. Its main drawback is the slow rate of fire.
Ui rifle ammo b.png Rifle Ammo Ammo This ammo is for long-barreled rifles. The heavy bullet with a lead core in a steel jacket is highly lethal at long distances. Fired from the army rifle.
Sawnoffshotgun.png Sawn-Off Shotgun Gun A fearsome makeshift weapon, possibly made from a double-barreled hunting gun. The smooth barrels are cut short. Fires 16 gauge shotgun rounds. Deadly in close quarters, but ineffective at long distances. The trigger system allows to fire two shots in a row.
Scalpel.png Scalpel Melee Weapon A large cartilage scalpel. Can be used as a close combat weapon. Not very easy to handle, but very effective due to its sharpness. Deals the most damage when attacking from the front. Frequent use causes it to dull quickly.
Ui samopal ammo b.png Shell Ammo 16 gauge buckshot rounds.
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