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Suppose, for example, that a fence is covered in moss. And we want the pattern of that moss to suggest a pointing finger. We do this ever so slightly, so that there’s lots of arguing on forums later: is it really a hand, or are people seeing things? Human moans are heard at the cemetery. Are those really the moans of the dead from under the ground, or mere vibrations of a faulty cooling fan at the nearby factory? Let the forum warfare begin.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem critically important whether a chair looks like a guillotine or what era a button is from on a piece of clothing. On the contrary! These tiny doubts and vacillations add up to set the right mood for the player, and they will do it in a smooth and inconspicuous way—which is what we’re aiming for. We’re experimenting with taking game interactivity to a new level—beyond active interactions (pushing the keys) and towards the interactivity of interpretation.
Pathologic 2's art book
Icon Name Type Description Details
Knife.png Knife Melee Weapon Too rough for medical procedures. Too dirty for cutlery. Only good for taking lives. Murder is a sin worse than digging wells in our town. Not because the soul is considered sacred, but because the body is. What is not whole, is not holy. A torn body is a foul mockery of the universe.
BloodyLockpick.png Bloody Lockpick Lockpick It clearly got inside Piecework's gut unnaturally. Piecework might have deserved it, but doctors are like soldiers: we don't get to choose who we save… Do we?
Lancet.png Lancet Scalpel A surgeon's tool of stellar quality. Good for murder, too. A tool for a surgeon. A tool for a menkhu. A tool for a bandit. A tool for a ripper. A tool for me.

This tool was made specifically for surgeons, so it's perfect for autopsies.

Lockpick.png Lockpick Lockpick You can either cut someone with it, or use it to pick a door lock. Either way, this sharp piece of metal will break after a couple of uses. It is taboo to cut flesh in the Town, but crafty people know how to bend the rules. These supposed lockpicks can produce inhumanely painful wounds. Perhaps breaking and entering is better.
Menkhu finger.png Menkhu's Finger Scalpel Trace it along flesh, pry it open. To kill, to cure–is there any difference? A tool for a surgeon. A tool for a menkhu. A tool for a bandit. A tool for a ripper. A tool for me.

This is a ritual scalpel that only the menkhu can touch. If a layman were to try it, it is said the scalpel will turn against their own flesh. But in capable hands, this is the best scalpel available.

Revolver.png Revolver Gun A six-chambered, military-grade revolver. Imprecise. Limited range. The civil war has gone on for more than two years. The hostility mostly passed our hellhole by, but refugees and deserters keep spreading military equipment to the furthest parts of the country.
RevolverAmmo.png Revolver Ammo Ammo Common revolver ammo. Black powder. A lead flat-nosed bullet. It's heavy, weighing more than 17 grams. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't always have its billet.
Rifle.png Rifle Gun Precise. Long-range. Deadly. I've held such a rifle in my hands only once before. I'd prefer to not think about that day.
RifleAmmo.png Rifle Ammo Ammo Common rifle ammo. The local children call this pointed ammo "beakers." They often carry a couple in their pockets.
RustyScalpel.png Rusty Scalpel Scalpel Either a weapon that can take someone's life, or an essential tool for a surgeon. Shame it's so shoddy. A tool for a surgeon. A tool for a menkhu. A tool for a thug. A tool for a Ripper. A tool for me.

This tool would easily damage an internal organ during an autopsy.

Scalpel.png Scalpel Scalpel Either a bladed weapon to take someone's life with, or an essential tool for a surgeon. A tool for a surgeon. A tool for a menkhu. A tool for a bandit. A tool for a ripper. A tool for me.
Shotgun new.png Shotgun Gun Slow and imprecise, but devastating at close range. A weapon for bandits and hunters, unused by the Army. Grief used to have one. Man sure loves his hunts.
ShotgunAmmo.png Shotgun Ammo Ammo Common shotgun ammo. Perfect for putting on railroad tracks. Stakh, Gravel, Grief and I would do it all the time as kids. Trains were more common back then.

"Weapons" is the first of five tabs in the player's inventory. This tab holds weapons, lockpicks, and ammo. Weapons can be repaired by factory workers.

Icon Name Type Description
Doublebarrelledpistol.png Double Barrelled Pistol Gun An old derringer-type pocket pistol. Has minimal recoil and weak penetrative power. The handle is fashions for a very small palm, too small even for some women. A last resort weapon.
Knife2005.png Knife Melee Weapon An ordinary meat-cutting knife. Can be used as a melee weapon. Not as good as a sharp scalpel in a face to face fight, but can instantly kill if stabbing the back. Becomes dull and brittle after about half a hundred blows.
Ui klara ammo b.png Light Ammo Ammo Patron of circular ignition, .41 caliber. Ammunition for the Derringer. (Not present in Pathologic Classic HD.)
Lockpick2005.png Lockpick Lockpick A homemade disposable lockpick. Such lockpicks can be used to open simple locks on the doors of typical houses.
Revolver2005.png Revolver Gun A six-round semi-automatic revolver. Employed by certain special units in the active army. Accurate and has a good fire rate, but only limited penetrative power. Easy to handle with weak recoil and good balance. Such revolvers are a rarity in modern times.
Ui revolver ammo b.png Revolver Ammo Ammo A revolver bullet with a round nose. Steel jacket, steel core. A relatively rare type of round. It's recommended to use it sparingly.
Rifle2005.png Rifle Gun An outdated model of army rifle. Powerful, reliable, and long-ranged, it became a favorite of soldiers and craftsmen during the latest war. Is light and has a soft recoil. A useful weapon for long-range combat. Its main drawback is the slow rate of fire.
Ui rifle ammo b.png Rifle Ammo Ammo This ammo is for long-barreled rifles. The heavy bullet with a lead core in a steel jacket is highly lethal at long distances. Fired from the army rifle.
Sawnoffshotgun.png Sawn-Off Shotgun Gun A fearsome makeshift weapon, possibly made from a double-barreled hunting gun. The smooth barrels are cut short. Fires 16 gauge shotgun rounds. Deadly in close quarters, but ineffective at long distances. The trigger system allows to fire two shots in a row.
Scalpel2005.png Scalpel Melee Weapon A large cartilage scalpel. Can be used as a close combat weapon. Not very easy to handle, but very effective due to its sharpness. Deals the most damage when attacking from the front. Frequent use causes it to dull quickly.
Ui samopal ammo b.png Shell Ammo 16 gauge buckshot rounds.

These items are items found in Pathologic: The Marble Nest.

Icon Name Type Description Details
Lockpick.png Lockpick Lockpick (2x1) Twisted and uneven, the local lockpicks require a fast, jabbing motion to unlock a door, else they'll become uncoiled. It is said that Clara the Changeling, a thief girl who claims to be blessed, can open any door just as easily as she heals the sick, by laying on hands. Why are her pockets always filled with lockpicks then?