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This entry includes information regarding both Pathologic (2005) and Pathologic 2 (2019).

List of dialogue spoken by Vlad the Younger. These lines are played when near a character, providing additional insight into the events and characters of the Town.

Dialogue spoken is dependent on both the day and chosen player character.

Pathologic Classic


  • Hm.
  • What?
  • Don't tell me that's not what you were expecting.
  • I am crushed by these walls.
  • Did you hear that? Did it come from inside the well? Or am I getting the jitters?
  • There's this thing that needs to be done.
  • Where did those lazy bastards go?
  • It is easier to govern others than to prevent being governed.
  • Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks.
  • Interests speaks all sorts of tongues and plays all kinds of characters, even that of disinterest.
  • We promise according to our hopes. We perform according to our fears.

Day 1

  • (Bachelor) Katerina thinks Clara is a messenger from heaven. Hmph. Yeah, right.
  • (Haruspex) The big city guest jumps the gun too much. Not the mystery-solving type, really.
  • (Bachelor / Haruspex) Simon died on his own. That much is certain.

Day 2

  • (Bachelor) Haruspex shouldn't have entered the game. He has already lost.
  • (Haruspex) Prices are rising with every hour. We'll see how the story ends.
  • (Haruspex) I wonder who else she has an eye to.
  • (Changeling) What is the Silent House?
  • (Bachelor / Changeling) Haruspex did have the guts to accept his heritage in the end.

Day 3

  • (Bachelor) It's all very suspicious.
  • (Haruspex) The children are looking for some sanative powders.
  • (Bachelor / Changeling) Is the disease really contagious?
  • (Haruspex / Changeling) It will all work out when a regular train comes.

Day 4

  • (Bachelor) Clara has lured Ripper into an ambush.
  • (Haruspex) Bachelor has destroyed the den of Barley's razormen.
  • (Bachelor / Haruspex) How can one avoid being infected?

Day 5

  • (Bachelor) Your most important mission is saving people. Do something.
  • (Bachelor) Why is no one being buried?
  • (Haruspex) Your most important mission is saving people. So save as many as you can.
  • (Changeling) You know how to save lives. So do it. Forget everything else.
  • (Haruspex / Changeling) Where are the dead disappearing to?

Day 6

  • (Haruspex) Let them say it's not possible. But what if it is?
  • (Changeling) They say inquisitors can do anything. Their power is unrestricted.
  • (Haruspex / Changeling) People die of scurrying. The Town is in agony. The panic on the streets? Here's your causa mortis.

Day 7

  • (Bachelor) Aglaya was the one who has taught Haruspex how to complete the panacea.
  • (Haruspex) Aglaya doesn't trust Changeling. Clara's a breath away from death.
  • (Bachelor / Haruspex) At the end of the day, it merely took her four hours to put an end to the chaos.

Day 8

  • (Bachelor) Changeling knows something. Or she was promised something.
  • (Haruspex / Changeling) Dankovsky is wrong to think the disease comes from the wells.
  • Have you heard? The military arrives tomorrow.

Day 9

  • (Bachelor) I wonder what's happening in the Abattoir. What kind of deal are they trying to make?
  • (Haruspex) The Polyhedron's time has come. Before long, we'll know why it was built.
  • (Bachelor / Haruspex) Why did they need a weapon this huge? For a town like ours, a much smaller cannon would suffice.

Day 10

  • (Bachelor) This town is a monument to several generations. It was built by our fathers.
  • (Bachelor) The Kains are preparing themselves to die. Why?

Day 11

  • (Bachelor) Maria will stand up for the children. I'm on her side.
  • (Bachelor) My sister shouldn't be entrusted with these kinds of matters.
  • (Haruspex) These villains’ complicity with one another is the ostentatious proof of their guilt.
  • (Haruspex) If these types agree to sacrifice themselves, everyone will.

Day 12

  • My path was called 'The Blood of the Earth'. Well, I did find out what comes from where. The conclusions are pretty obvious.
  • If we're in the majority, the fragile Polyhedron will be left untouched. We'll manage to sustain life in it. Maria can do miracles.

Pathologic 2

  • They call the Abattoir "olonngo." That word means "ford," doesn't it? Hmm.
  • Ugh…
  • What?
  • What must be done, must be done… no matter how hard it is.
  • Behind any pretty facade, there's a yawning black pit. Always.
  • Roots and blood. That's the foundation beneath our feet.
  • If you want a house of cards to stand, you'll have to breathe softer.
  • I can't move. I'm bound by… family ties.
  • How heavy is a head?
  • Who knocks on your door at night? Who screams down your chimney? A wight? No, just the wind.
  • They claim it's healthy… but the taste is unbearable.
  • With every breath, your soul drains slowly away… so just keep your mouth shut, and don't let it slip out.
  • Just… don't touch me this time of year. And don't touch anything in here.
  • I've heard of this "love" thing, all right. Never seen it, though.
  • Every little makes a mickle.
  • A clean mouth and an honest hand will protect a man in any land.
  • You want to have the upper hand, and you need to get your foot in the door, but your head… I'm not quite sure what to do about your head!
  • Five thousand of them locked up in there, silenced, without a voice… a third of the population… oh god. Oh my god.
  • I feel smothered in here. I need air…
  • Did you hear that? A noise from the well? …Maybe I've just got the jitters.
  • The fence is as foul as the thief.
  • Curse the bear for eating the cow… curse the cow for jumping the fence.
  • Why do they need a weapon that big? A smaller one would suffice for our little town.
  • Our big-city guest is a little to fast on the draw, isn't he?
  • I see you're branded… is that mark a letter?
  • My path was called "The Blood of the Earth."' Well, I found out what comes from where… and the conclusions are obvious.