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Town Hall



The Backbone
Map ID
uprava_admin (Administrative Office) (Pathologic)
uprava_prison (Prison) (Pathologic)
Alexander Block (after Day 9)
Save checkpointItem storage

The Town Hall (Управа) is the epicentre of the town. It is located in The Backbone in the Knots Quarter.


The Town Hall is the administrative centre of the Town. The Town Hall is not only used for governmental purposes, but also houses the Town's jail.

Pathologic 2

The Town Hall contains a clock where the Haruspex may save. If the Haruspex performs his Fund duties, the reward for such work can be found in the Town Hall on Days 4 to 11.



Bachelor Route

On Day 5, a collection of men have been wrongly arrested and now reside in the Town Hall's jail. The Bachelor may pay a hefty fund to have them released.

On Day 9, the army arrives. The Bachelor will wake up in the Town Hall following an unfortunate altercation at the Abattoir that left him unconscious. On this day, Yulia Lyuricheva will ask the Bachelor to lie to the Commander, Alexander Block, in order to protect Lara Ravel.

On Day 10, the Bachelor will receive a letter from Mark Immortell. He will express concern for a strange gathering at the Bone Stake Lot. Concerned with the sanitation risk the of the gathering and potential riots, the Bachelor will speak to Alexander Block in the Town Hall who will send a squadron to deal with it.

On Day 11, the Bachelor learns that Andrey Stamatin has supposedly been arrested by the army and seeks to find out where he is. He questions Alexander Block, who tells the Bachelor that there has been mutiny in the ranks and that Captain Longin likely ordered the arrest. Block tells the Bachelor where he may be able to find Longin and Andrey. The Bachelor may also speak to a pair of children in the Town Hall lobby who claim that their Father has been taken by the army and will be put in front of a firing squad. Upon completing the quest, the Bachelor will receive a Shmowder and six Rifle Ammo. On this day, the Changeling can also be found in the Town Hall in order to collect a ring for Maria Kaina.

Haruspex Route

On Day 7, upon finding the Inquisitor missing from the Cathedral, the Haruspex will be instructed to find her instead in the Town Hall's jail. She will not be there either, having gone to inspect further points of interest in the Town.

On Day 9, the Haruspex may speak to Alexander Block in the Town Hall to be directed to find Foreman Oyun inside the Abattoir.

Changeling Route

On Day 9, Alexander Block will be at the Town Hall. He will have a conversation available once the Changeling has completed the Inquisitor's tasks for the main quest.

On Day 10, the Changeling will need to ask Commander Block to release one of Maria Kaina's servants, who has been imprisoned in the Town Hall jail.

Pathologic 2

The local authorities often visit the place. But the town jail is in the same building.
Haruspex's map hover

On Day 1, the Haruspex will be warned by Bad Grief not to approach the Town Hall as Alexander Saburov will assume his guilt and throw him in prison. If the Haruspex chooses to ignore Bad Grief's warning, he will be arrested and placed in a jail cell below the Town Hall. It will only be through the help of Big Vlad that he will be allowed to walk free.

On Day 2, Alexander Saburov will be in the Town Hall. The Haruspex may speak to him to receive the key to Isidor Burakh's House.

On Day 3, following a visit to the Stillwater, the alarm bells will toll, signalling the official beginning of the epidemic. Upon entering the Town Hall, the Haruspex will see that the Town's leaders - Alexander Saburov, Katerina Saburova, Big Vlad, Vlad the Younger, and Victor Kain - and the Town's doctors - Stanislav Rubin and the Bachelor - have gathered to discuss the plan going forward.

On Day 4, the Haruspex may learn of the Town's water situation from the Bachelor in the Town Hall. On the same day, the Haruspex will be introduced to the Fund. Babies saved from infected houses can be delivered to the Town Hall for a sum of money and a reputation increase from Day 4 onwards.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
On Day 7, the Haruspex may hear of the Graveyard's struggle to dispose of the overabundance of bodies created by the epidemic from the Bachelor within the Town Hall.

On Day 9, the Military arrives with Alexander Block. The Town Hall will become their base of operation.

On Day 10, Lara Ravel can be found in the Town Hall, having acquired a revolver with the intent to shoot Alexander Block. If the Haruspex stops her, she will give him her revolver.

On Day 11, three Inquisitorial Couriers were tasked with taking the Inquisitor's Orders to Alexander Block in the Town Hall. Upon arriving at the Town Hall, the Haruspex will discover that the couriers did not find Alexander Block at the Town Hall and have been sent to three outposts in throughout the Town to look for him. After the orders have been found by the Haruspex, he may take them to the Town Hall to have the Polyhedron destroyed.

Significant plot details end here.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

General Block's headquarters used to be here.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover

The Town Hall is located in the condemned part of Town and is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When hovering over the Town Hall on the map, Alexander Block will be noted as dead.



  • In Pathologic Classic HD, the soundtrack that plays within the Town Hall during the later stages of the game is Uprava Admin Army Main.
  • In Pathologic 2, the soundtrack that plays within the Town Hall during the early days of the game is Gears of Law. During the later stages of the game, the soundtrack that plays is Military Administration