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This page is a summary of the actions taken by the Haruspex in his route. It assumes that all quests are completed successfully; however, quests do not necessarily need to be completed in the order presented here.

As this page is essentially walkthrough of the Haruspex Route, there will be heavy spoilers throughout.


Day 1[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex arrives in Town at the Train Station with low health and low reputation. He may loot the bodies by the train for their items and organs and then speak to the Executors who will direct him to Vlad Sr Olgimsky's home at the Lump. Approaching the nearby bonfire will cause a cutscene to play showing the Haruspex running away from an angry crowd to the nearby warehouses where he finds shelter at Notkin's warehouse.

Side Quest: “The Filthy Little Toad and the Waifs”[edit | edit source]

Notkin will inform the Haruspex that someone has betrayed his gang, the Soul-and-a-Halves. After agreeing to deal with the traitor, Notkin will tell the Haruspex where to find them. The Haruspex may also go to the northern warehouses and find Bad Grief who will also give him a quest related to the traitor.

Side Quest: “The Filthy Little Toad and the Smugglers”[edit | edit source]

This quest is given to the Haruspex by Grief. Grief will indicate where to find the person he wants the Haruspex to deal with. The person in question, a boy named Lika, is a Doghead who will be at the location marked on the map. The Haruspex may choose to let him go or kill him. Letting him go will increase reputation by 5 and the Haruspex will also receive 10 reputation from Notkin and Grief each when he returns to tell them the news. Killing Lika will reduce reputation by 10, but the Haruspex can obtain a Shmowder from the body, a Revolver and Revolver Ammo from Notkin, and Shotgun Ammo from Grief. If Haruspex refuses the Shotgun Ammo from Grief, he will receive 5 reputation instead.

Grief has more news for the Haruspex. He will mention there is an ambush waiting for a suspected murderer at the train station. Four men - two muggers and two factory men - will be waiting near the train cars where the Haruspex first arrived in town. The Haruspex may choose to kill them for a Shotgun, Shotgun Ammo, and a Knife. If the Haruspex asks about how to increase his reputation, Grief will also mention that there is an injured man at the Cemetery.

Side Quest: “The Survivor”[edit | edit source]

After speaking with the grave-keeper Grace, the Haruspex will be directed to a house in the Stone Yard to obtain blood needed for a transfusion. The house belongs to Var, who can later be traded with for Tourniquets and Bandages in exchange for blood and organs. The Haruspex will only be able to successfully perform the transfusion if his health is at least 40. The transfusion will take 30 health. Var will also invite the Haruspex to take whatever belongings he finds in Var's house. After bringing the transfusion blood back to the Cemetery, the injured man will be healed and the Haruspex's reputation will increase by 30. The Haruspex can also demand the man to hand over his Knife.

If the Haruspex refuses to help the man and instead kills him, he will lose 30 reputation. Speaking to Grace again after killing the injured man will further cause him to lose reputation by 10.

Main Quest: “The Killer of Simon, The Killer of Isidor…”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex will be able to enter the Lump and speak to Big Vlad after 11:00. After talking to Big Vlad about his situation, the Haruspex discovers that he is being blamed for his father Isidor Burakh's death. Big Vlad will direct the Haruspex to speak with his children Capella and Vlad Jr.. Capella will tell the Haruspex about his Bound and mentions that he should talk to Grace and Notkin for more information that could help him improve his reputation and clear his name. She'll also show the Haruspex how to get to his father's home.

Afterwards, the Haruspex visits Vlad Jr. He will tell the Haruspex that Grief’s lair is a good place to get bad things. Going back to the warehouses, Haruspex first talks to Notkin who mentions that someone went to see Grief earlier that day looking for him. Grief will tell the Haruspex about the Bachelor and that the visiting doctor is staying at the Stillwater. Upon arrival, Eva tells him that the Bachelor won't be back until 18:00. Once the Bachelor arrives, the Haruspex learns that the Bachelor has been investigating the deaths of Simon Kain and Isidor Burakh, and believes that they have been both killed by disease and that the Haruspex is innocent. Speaking to the Bachelor will end the main quest and give the Haruspex 30 reputation.

Side Quest: “The Family Home”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex can attempt to visit Isidor Burakh's House. Outside is a guard. Regardless of what he says to try and get in, the guard will attack him and Haruspex kills the guard. From the conversation with the guard before being attacked, he learns that the key to his family home is being held by a guard outside of the Termitary.

Two guards will be standing at the entrance to the Termitary block. Attempting to speak with either of them causes them to attack. The Haruspex kills them to obtain Isidor's Key and can finally return home. Upon entering, four rats will appear and attempt to bite him. After dealing with the rats, Haruspex finds a boy named Sticky standing on the table in the far room deeper in the house. Sticky will mention that Grace may know something about what happened to his father. Speaking to Grace will direct the Haruspex to find Murky who lives inside of a train car at the Train Station. The Haruspex will learn more about what his father was doing in town and what the children saw of him before Isidor's untimely death.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “The Inheritance of the Warden”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex's main quest of the day is to learn about his inheritance. He receives letters from both Big Vlad and the Bachelor. He first meets with Big Vlad after 7:00 in the morning. Big Vlad will direct him to Katerina Saburova and Alexander Saburov. The Haruspex receives Burakh's Key from Saburov and is told to speak with Aspity who knows more about his inheritance. She has a chest containing the remaining items that are part of the Haruspex's inheritance: money, a Brand, some Herbs, and Herbal Recipes #6 and #8. The chest remains at Aspity's home, but the Haruspex is free to take all of the items from the chest and use it to store his belongings.

Upon further prompting, Aspity will discuss gathering twyre with the Haruspex and she'll show him three Worm huts located in the Steppe. The Worms at these huts will give the Haruspex various herbs gathered from the Steppe in exchange for blood, organs, and food.

The Haruspex then meets with the Bachelor at the Stillwater. The two discuss what the Haruspex has learned that day, including the Herbal Recipes left behind by Isidor Burakh. The Bachelor wants to analyze the tinctures that can be made from Steppe herbs and their potential medicinal properties and asks the Haruspex to make some. The Haruspex seeks out Vlad Jr who shows him an old factory building that Isidor used for mixing herbs. After making a Twyrine Extract, the Haruspex returns to the Bachelor and gives it to him. The Bachelor will analyze the mixture and the main quest of the day is completed.

Side Quest: “The Herbsman Bride”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex talks to one of the Worms at the middle hut, located in the swamp. The Worm asks the Haruspex to look for his daughter, a Herb Bride. The Haruspex will find her at the eastern-most hut near the cemetery. He may allow her to remain with the Worm there and in exchange receive 3 swevery and 3 white whip. If he asks her to return to her father, he will receive herbal recipe #9 from the Worm who made the request.

Side Quest: “The Brown Twyre”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex receives a letter from Andrey Stamatin who requests to meet with him at the Broken Heart. Both Andrey and his brother Peter Stamatin will be at the back of the tavern. Andrey is willing to buy 10 Brown Twyre for 4000 money. He also states that he knows the location of a shop that is buying items at a premium price for that day only. The Haruspex may choose to fulfill Andrey's request or complete the following.

Side Quest: “Plain as Day”[edit | edit source]

If the Haruspex leaves the Broken Heart and returns after at least 30 minutes, Maria Kaina will be waiting inside. She'll offer 5000 money and Herbal Recipe #5 if the Haruspex can convince Andrey to stay in town. The Haruspex may choose to fulfill her request or Andrey's request. If the Haruspex lets slip that he is attempting to get Andrey to stay on behalf of Maria, he will fail both quests and Andrey will refuse to speak with him for the remainder of that day.

The store that Andrey says will buy items for a higher price on Day 2 is the clothing shop located near the Crucible.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “The Brand”[edit | edit source]

At 7:00, Haruspex receives a letter from Big Vlad. After talking with him, Haruspex is directed to visit Aspity. She tells him about a house in the town where a Butcher is hiding. Haruspex finds the Butcher on the second floor of the house. After speaking with the Butcher, Haruspex returns to Big Vlad and the main quest of the day is completed.

Side Quest: “Dead Tissue”[edit | edit source]

The Bachelor sends Haruspex a letter at 10:00. He asks for infected tissue any sort. Haruspex can obtain Infected Blood, Infected Heart, Infected Liver, and Infected Kidney from the corpses of infected people. On this day, he may also visit the Cemetery where a patrolman will be standing next to a burning corpse. He can kill the guard to gain access to the corpse and retrieve the item Corpse Blood which can be given to the Bachelor instead. The Haruspex won't lose reputation for killing the guard. Once infected tissue is acquired, he returns to the Bachelor who inspects the diseased tissue. The Bachelor asks the Haruspex to choose from the following items as his reward.

Side Quest: “Capella’s Troubles”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex receives this quest from Capella. She'll ask the Haruspex to check on Notkin. Upon reaching the warehouse, he finds a pair of idling muggers wait outside. The Haruspex may talk with them and they won't attack if he says he will leave.

Haruspex may choose to fight the muggers by speaking to them again or attacking one of them. Killing both of them unlocks the warehouse door and Haruspex can enter the warehouse to speak with Notkin. Haruspex can accept a Shotgun from him or refuse it for 10 reputation. Two more muggers will appear outside when he exits the warehouse. Haruspex reports what happened to Capella and receives 3000 money.

If Haruspex chooses not to fight the muggers, he can instead seek out Bad Grief who will ask him to talk to the Bachelor. After speaking with the Bachelor and returning to Bad Grief, the Haruspex can enter Notkin's warehouse without being attacked by the muggers. After talking to Notkin, Haruspex reports to Capella what happened and she will give him 1000 money.

Side Quest: “...By the Burakh Family Recipe”[edit | edit source]

Whilst speaking to Notkin on Capella's request, Notkin will ask for help. He requests 10 Twyrine Extracts in exchange for the ability to purchase maps of infected districts every day. Notkin is not picky about the strength of the extracts and will accept any 10 that the Haruspex gives him. The map prices will vary between 500 to 2000 money. If Haruspex does not fulfill this request, he must instead exchange Crowbars obtained from looters in abandoned districts for maps.

Notkin price list.png

A full list of map prices from Notkin

Day 4[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “The Mysterious Blood”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex receives a letter from the Bachelor at 7:00. Bachelor will ask Haruspex to speak with Lara Ravel at the Shelter. However, she won't talk to Haruspex unless his reputation is 70 or higher. If his reputation is high enough, she will ask the Haruspex to meet with Stanislav Rubin at a warehouse. The Haruspex may attempt to find Rubin at Rubin's Prosectorium, but it will be abandoned. However, there is a sample of Dead Tissue in the desk, which he may bring to the Bachelor.

Rubin will be found in the warehouse indicated by Lara. However, after speaking with Rubin, attempting to leave the warehouse before the day's end will result in the Haruspex being beaten and captured by guards and imprisoned until 14:00 the next day. Everything that the Haruspex is carrying will be permanently removed, but he can store items in Rubin's hideout. If the Haruspex remains in the warehouse with Rubin until the date changes, he may exit the warehouse without being attacked.

Before meeting with Rubin to complete the main quest of the day, the Haruspex may choose to complete the following requests first.

Side Quest: “The Looters”[edit | edit source]

After receiving a letter from Notkin, the Haruspex meets with him in his warehouse. Notkin will request four crowbars from looters in abandoned districts. Once the Haruspex obtains 4 crowbars, he may give them to Notkin in exchange for Revolver Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, and Rifle Ammo.

Side Quest: “The Weapons Stash”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex receives a letter from two Soul-and-a-Halves, named Maestro and Rex, who say that Sticky has refused to fulfill a request for them. Talking to Sticky leads the Haruspex to a boy named Stump who is waiting near the Cemetery. After talking to Stump, he will lead the Haruspex to another house. Three muggers will appear along the way who will ignore Stump, but attack the Haruspex. The house requires a lockpick to enter and inside, the Haruspex will a weapon stash containing a Shotgun and 10 Shotgun Ammo. If Haruspex returns to Sticky with the weapon stash, Sticky will tell him to keep it.

Day 5[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex will receive a letter at some point on Day 5 about rat racing. He is invited to an abandoned warehouse and discovers a Doghead inside who explains to him how to compete in rat racing. From this point onwards to the end of the game, the Haruspex may come to the warehouse if he has either a Rat or a Brown Rat and participate in rat races to potentially win 500 money. If he participates in a rat race on Day 5, the player can receive an Achievement.

If the Haruspex left the warehouse Rubin was hiding in yesterday before the date change and was captured by the guards, he will wake up in a cell at 14:00 with 30 health and 20 reputation. A dead body is just outside of the cell and due to infection, plague clouds will constantly appear and chase the Haruspex. The body can be looted for 2 Beta-Tablets, 1 Gamma-Tablets, a Revolver, 3 Revolver Ammo, and Herbal Recipe #10. The Haruspex must attack the patrolling guards so they will open the cell door in an attempt to subdue him. Haruspex may escape after killing both guards who each have 4 Revolver Ammo, 1 Meradorm, 1 Morphine, 3 Alpha-Tablets.

There are sick people inside of the building who may be given painkillers in exchange for a reputation boost, but the Haruspex needs to leave as quickly as possible to avoid getting infected himself. He may stop by Rubin's hideout to retrieve any items he stored the previous night.

Main Quest: “The Quivering Heart”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex will find he has several letters. The first one is from the Bachelor who wishes to speak with him urgently. He will ask the Haruspex for a fresh Infected Heart. The Haruspex has three options to fulfill this request.

First, Haruspex can speak with Aspity about the Bachelor's request and his own decision to help the other doctor. She will direct him to the western-most Worm gatherer hut. At this hut, he will find a Worm, a Herb Bride, and three Butchers. He may choose to kill the Herb Bride to extract her heart and receive Herbal Recipe #4, as well as 50 reputation. The Bachelor will give Haruspex 2000 to 3000 money and a Blue Vaccine in exchange for her heart. Haruspex may also choose to take the heart of the Butchers and kill them. If he gives the Bachelor a Butcher's infected heart, he will receive 3000 to 4000 money and 2 Black Vaccine.

The third option involves finding a Herb Bride named Willow Mellow at the Broken Heart. The Haruspex can talk with her to discover that she has promised to meet with the Bachelor that evening behind the tavern at 21:00, although after leaving the Broken Heart the Haruspex can find her there immediately. Approximately an hour after speaking with Willow, Haruspex will also receive a letter from Anna Angel. She will ask the Haruspex to kill Willow for her. If Haruspex kills Willow, he will lose 10 reputation, but can still receive an infected heart from her body. Haruspex returns to Anna to tell her that Willow is dead. He will receive 3000 money or up to 10000 if he insists that she pay him properly. If Haruspex gives Willow's heart to the Bachelor, he will receive no reward.

After analyzing the sample, the Haruspex and the Bachelor will discuss what was found from the infected heart and the quest will be complete.

Side Quest: “The Well”[edit | edit source]

Another of the Haruspex's letters invites him to Vlad Jr's home. Vlad Jr will ask the Haruspex to inspect the tunnels dug beneath the ground through his well. Vlad Jr will offer 7000 money for this request, although the Haruspex can press him to receive 14000 money in total. After agreeing to inspect the tunnels, Haruspex will be given 7000 money and 50 Kerosene and enter the well. Eventually, the Haruspex will find an exit point next to which sits the Rat Prophet. Haruspex will speak to the Rat Prophet about what is happening in the town and then leaves through the sewer lid on the ceiling. Haruspex then returns to Vlad Jr for the remaining 7000 money as well as Herbal Recipes #2 and #3.

Day 6[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “Bull’s Blood”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex receives a letter to talk to the Bachelor after 7:00. 30 minutes after speaking with him, Haruspex will receive another letter from the Changeling who asks to see him at Grace's lodge. She will offer Haruspex her help in obtaining bull blood for the Bachelor and after accepting, he can head to the Short Block of the Termitary. At the top floor, he will meet with Taya along with two Butchers. Taya asks him for 50 Alpha-Tablets in exchange for information about where to find a bull. After giving her the tablets, she will give Haruspex Herbal Recipe #1 and tell him that some Worms are preparing a sacrifice at the Ragi Barrow. Haruspex must bring them an infected organ, after which the Worms will finish the ritual and Haruspex can take some blood from the bull and return to the Bachelor. The Bachelor will analyze the blood and the two discuss the results.

Side Quest: “The Changeling Seeks an Answer”[edit | edit source]

Later in the day, Haruspex receives a letter from Anna Angel. Upon entering her home, he will find the Changeling there as well. The Changeling will ask Haruspex for his help to get information from the Rat Prophet. Haruspex can enter the tunnels through the sewer behind the Theatre and find the Rat Prophet there. After speaking with the Rat Prophet, Haruspex returns to Anna's home and tells the Changeling what he learned. She will give him Herbal Recipe #7 as a reward.

Side Quest: “They Call the Mistresses Out""[edit | edit source]

Haruspex will receive a letter from Victor Kain. Victor asks him to speak with Maria Kaina. She asks for his help in retrieving something that she dropped at the Kain's family graveyard. At the northernmost tomb of their graveyard, the Haruspex will find a diary on the floor. Upon exiting the tomb, the Haruspex sees several infected individuals wandering around who are being attacked by two arsonists. The Haruspex may choose to kill the arsonists before heading back to Maria and returning her diary. She will give him 2000 money as thanks for retrieving her diary.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

Starting from Day 7 until the end of the game, the Haruspex may choose to compete in the Ring of Suok. Only hand-to-hand combat is allowed. He will receive a vial of blood if he wins.

Main Quest: “Neither Man Nor Bull”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex receives a letter to speak with the Bachelor after 7:00. He will advise Haruspex to go to the Cathedral to see the Inquisitor who has just arrived. Haruspex finds that the Inquisitor is not currently at the Cathedral. An Executor says that the Inquisitor went to the Termitary to speak with the Mother Superior. Haruspex makes his way to the Long Block of the Termitary and finds Taya on the third floor, in a room down a long hallway lined with torches. She tells Haruspex that the Inquisitor has already left for the jail at Town Hall.

At the jail, Haruspex finds a guard who tells him that the Inquisitor is not there anymore. He directs the Haruspex to Var's home. Haruspex does not find the Inquisitor or Var there, but a young man inside Var's house mentions Victor Kain several times. Victor tells the Haruspex that the Inquisitor has already left and returned to the Cathedral. Finally, the Haruspex can enter the Cathedral and meet with the Inquisitor, Aglaya Lilich. After speaking to her, the Haruspex learns that the Abattoir has been opened again. The Haruspex travels to the Abattoir and finds his way to Foreman Oyun. He will give the Haruspex a vial of Abattoir Blood. Haruspex returns to his lab to mix the Abattoir Blood with a Twyrine Extract to produce a Panacea. He brings the Panacea to the Inquisitor for her to inspect and after their conversation, the main quest is over.

Side Quest: “The Sacrifice”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex will receive a letter from Capella asking him to check up on Taya. Taya will ask Haruspex to look for some Worms who are hiding in the Short Block of the Termitary. The Haruspex enters to find that there are several plague clouds hanging around the Short Block. He will find the Worms at the top floor and speak with them about why they are there. Two muggers will appear when Haruspex leaves the Short Block. He can attempt to fight them or quickly run to the Long Block. He tells Taya what he learned from the Worms and the quest is completed.

Side Quest: “Testing the Panacea”[edit | edit source]

After completing the main quest, Haruspex speaks with the Inquisitor again. She asks him to find out if the Panacea actually works as a cure to the Plague. To do so, Haruspex will infect himself with the Plague and then use the Panacea on himself. He is sent to the Theatre where an Executor is waiting for him. Speaking with the Executor will give the Haruspex a 50% infection. He returns to the Cathedral and cures himself with the Panacea. Haruspex speaks to the Inquisitor again and proves that the cure is effective. He will receive no reward for completing this quest.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “Whose Blood Was It?”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex receives a letter from the Inquisitor to speak with her after 7:00. She asks him to enter the Abattoir, but it has been locked up again. Haruspex must speak with Taya to reopen it. Taya asks the Haruspex to find the Changeling to find the ending of a story and suggests he ask Capella where the Changeling may be found. Capella will direct him to speak with Murky. Inside of Murky's wagon, Haruspex finds Murky and the Changeling. Haruspex tricks the Changeling to tell him the story ending by saying that the Souls-and-a-Halves thought her story was funny. If Haruspex is unable to trick the Changeling, she will refuse to tell him the story ending and he will fail the quest.

After finding out the ending, Haruspex returns to Taya and tells her the correct ending to the story. If Haruspex is unable to correctly recall the story's ending, he will fail the quest. Satisfied with learning how the story ends, Taya reopens the Abattoir. Haruspex enters and speaks with Oyun. Oyun will say that the Haruspex is not ready to fully take up his duties and responsibilities with the Kin yet because he is still missing something from his inheritance. Haruspex suspects Aspity has been hiding it from him and seeks her out. After some questioning, Aspity will give him the Bone Horn. Haruspex returns to Oyun to show him the Bone Horn and then goes to the Cathedral to tell the Inquisitor what he has discovered.

Side Quest: “A Son Will Not Be Punished For His Father’s Sins”[edit | edit source]

Georgiy Kain will send Haruspex a letter and asks him to meet at the Crucible. Georgiy will tell Haruspex that the truth of what happened to the Termitary cannot be hidden and someone will be punished for it. He asks Haruspex to speak with Katerina Saburova to get further information to make a decision as to who will be held responsible for the Termitary's affairs. After speaking to Katerina, Haruspex returns to Georgiy. He may choose to agree with Georgiy's decision or disagree and pick a different person to be held responsible. If he agrees with Georgiy's decision, he will receive 3000 money. If he disagrees, he will receive nothing, although the quest will still be completed.

Side Quest: “Below the Ground”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex must speak with Vlad the Younger to begin this quest. Vlad Jr will ask the Haruspex to return to the tunnels below town and find a book that has been lost in them. However, the well has been closed off and the Haruspex must enter from the manhole behind the Theatre. Upon entering the manhole, Haruspex will find that it is locked and he cannot return. There are four muggers located throughout the tunnels whom the Haruspex can kill. The Haruspex finds Vlad Jr's book and returns to the manhole which is now unlocked. He gives the book back to Vlad Jr and is rewarded with 4000 money.

Day 9[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “The Defilers”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex receives a letter from Alexander Block, the Commander of the army that has been sent to the Town. Haruspex meets with Block at the Town Hall after 7:00 and he will direct the Haruspex to the Abattoir and Oyun. Oyun will tell the Haruspex to find the Bachelor and question him. After speaking with Oyun, the Haruspex's exhaustion will greatly increase and continue to increase to 100% within an hour and it cannot be reduced.

The Haruspex heads to the Stillwater, but learns that the Bachelor has gone to the Polyhedron. At the Polyhedron's base is a Doghead who informs the Haruspex that the Bachelor had been captured and imprisoned. The cell is located in one of the abandoned factories and is the same one where the Haruspex may have been taken to on Day 5.

Inside the abandoned warehouse, the Haruspex will see the Bachelor locked up in the cell and two Dogheads standing guard. If the Haruspex spared Lika on Day 1, he will be there as one of the Doghead guards and allow the Bachelor to go. If not, the Dogheads will ask for 30 Rifle Ammo in exchange for the Bachelor. Haruspex can speak to Bachelor through the bars and he will tell the Haruspex that Eva Yan had been holding onto 30 Rifle Ammo for him. Haruspex may choose to head back to the Stillwater to retrieve the ammo or he may kill the two Dogheads to take the cell key and lose 6 reputation.

After freeing the Bachelor, the Haruspex questions him and returns to Oyun. He informs Oyun that he has completed the task. The quest will be completed and the Haruspex's exhaustion rate will return to normal.

Side Quest: “The Signal Fires”[edit | edit source]

At 18:00, Haruspex will receive a letter from Capella. She'll ask him to check on Sticky. When he arrives at Sticky's house, he learns that Sticky has disappeared and there are some Dogheads inside. The Haruspex can ask them if they know Sticky's whereabouts. If the Haruspex threatens them during the conversation, the door will lock and he will be forced to fight them.

Haruspex learns that Sticky may be near the Cemetery. He heads to the location marked on the map and finds a boy named Stump there. Stump tells the Haruspex that he needs to relight some of the bonfires around the Steppe. Haruspex has to guide Stump around to light all four of the bonfires marked on his map while protecting him from getting killed by the ones responsible for dousing the fires. If Stump gets killed, the quest will be failed.

At the first bonfire is a Doghead and two Worms. At the second bonfire are two muggers and a Doghead. At the third bonfire is a young man, a looter, and a Doghead. The last bonfire is guarded by three Dogheads. The Haruspex must kill them for Stump to be able to light the bonfires. The young man will have a Shmowder on him. The rest will have random loot including Twyrine, Earrings, Silver Rings, Bracelets, Feromycinum, and Coffee.

Once all the bonfires are lit, the Haruspex returns to Sticky's house only to find that the door is locked. A girl standing outside of the house warns him about what might happen to Sticky. The Haruspex returns to Capella and relays to her what he knows, completing the quest.

Day 10[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “The Udurgh”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex receives an urgent letter from the Bachelor after 7:00. He requests the Haruspex to gather more details about his inheritance from Foreman Oyun. Oyun states that he will tell the Haruspex more if he is able to pass another trial. Agreeing to the trial will cause the Haruspex's hunger to start increasing rapidly. Oyun warns the Haruspex that eating anything will be deathly, although that is not true, but the effects of food will be lessened compared to usual.

To perform the trial, after accepting the drink, the Haruspex must head to the Ragi Barrow and sleep on the tablet. He will listen to the spirits and learn where he should go next. The three Worm huts will now be marked on his map. Haruspex will find a Butcher at each of the huts. Regardless of what he says, the Butchers will attack him and they must be killed. After killing the third one, the Haruspex's hunger rate will return to normal and he goes back to Oyun to report he has completed the trial. The Haruspex questions Oyun about his inheritance and returns to the Bachelor who will direct him to speak with Capella and Katerina Saburova. Capella will suggest speaking to Taya Tycheek as well. After speaking with them, the Haruspex returns to the Bachelor to discuss what he has learned.

Side Quest: “Who is Going to Feed the Dolly?”[edit | edit source]

Capella sends the Haruspex a letter asking for his help as she believes on her friends to be in danger. She will ask him to check on Murky. Upon talking to Murky, he learns that she has lost her doll somewhere in the Steppe and asks him to find it. She marks the location of where she last remembers seeing her doll on the map. The Haruspex sees that there are army soldiers surrounding the area and they will attack him, so he kills them to begin looking for the doll.

The Haruspex notices that there are various sprigs of Herbs like Twyre growing nearby the rocks. He collects and follows the trail of herbs down into the Swamp. At the end of the trail, he finds Murky's Toy. He returns the doll to Murky who then gives him a vial of Abattoir Blood and tells him that she found it near the base of the Polyhedron. The Haruspex goes to inspect the Polyhedron and discovers that there is a dark spot of blood at the base which he gathers. He returns to Murky to tell her what he found. The vials of blood that he obtained from this quest can be used to craft Panacea.

Side Quest: “Bos Turokh is Coming”[edit | edit source]

Haruspex receives a letter from Taya which states that the prisoner they have wants to tell him something. The prisoner is whomever the Haruspex told Georgiy to hand over on Day 8. The Haruspex visits Taya and speaks with their prisoner who tells him that something interesting is happening at the Bone Stake Lot. Haruspex will find a large bull, an Auroch, stuck on the stake which is surrounded by four Worms.

The Haruspex speaks to the Worms and asks them if he can take blood from the auroch. They will ask him with four members of his Bound; Notkin, Sticky, Murky, and Grace. Notkin, Sticky, and Murky will be found in their usual locations. However, when trying to find Grace, Haruspex discovers that she is not there. A girl inside Grace's home suggests that he ask Capella about where to find her. Capella directs him to speak to Alexander Block who will tell the Haruspex it is likely related to some mutineers that are hiding out near the cannon.

The Haruspex heads to the Train Station and finds a wagon with a soldier standing outside. He tells the soldier the code "four hundred and thirteenth" and is allowed to enter. Inside, he finds Grace and another soldier. She tells him that she was captured because she did not want them to burn the dead. He has to convince her to let them burn corpses before he can ask her about the Bone Stake Lot situation.

After talking to those four members of his Bound, the Haruspex returns to the Bone Stake Lot and reports what each of them suggested should be done to the bull. He is then allowed to draw a vial of blood from the bull, for a total of three vials, which can be used to create Panacea.

Day 11[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “The Ultimate Trial of the Warden”[edit | edit source]

At 7:15, the Haruspex receives a letter from the Changeling telling him that she needs to speak with him before he enters the Abattoir to do the final trial with Foreman Oyun. She asks him to meet her in Grace's lodge at the Cemetery. She will tell the Haruspex that he will need her help in the upcoming trial. He can choose whether or not to accept her help.

Haruspex then enters the Abattoir and speaks to Oyun. Oyun tells him the details of the final trial and in the previous chamber, rocks will have been cleared away to reveal a large hole. The Haruspex will then jump into the hole.

If the Haruspex did not accept the Changeling's assistance, he will die. If the Haruspex did accept the Changeling's assistance, he will find himself in a chamber facing a dead body and surrounded by Executors. They cannot be spoken to, but he will also find the Changeling who will tell him to enter the nearby tunnel and pick from one of three individuals. The Haruspex speaks to the three people and chooses one of them and exits the tunnel to find himself back in the Abattoir.

He returns to Foreman Oyun and speaks with him about the trials. Regardless of the conversation, the two will end up in combat and the Haruspex must defeat Oyun with his bare hands. His inventory is temporarily cleared for the fight so he will not have access to weapons, healing items, or defensive clothing. The fight will be extremely difficult, as Foreman Oyun is very strong, but eventually the Haruspex defeats him. The quest is completed, but he may choose to visit Aspity and whichever Vlad Olgimsky still remains to learn more about his father, the Kin, and his role within the Kin.

The Haruspex can refuse the Changeling's assistance and still complete the quest. He must first speak with Aspity, whichever Vlad is still alive, or the Bachelor after speaking with Oyun about the final trial. From these conversations, he will discover information that allows him to speak with Oyun and initiate the fight without having to jump into the pit.

Side Quest: “Bos Turokh Departs”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex receives a letter from Notkin inquiring about the bull from the day before. He goes to speak with Notkin who advises him to check out the Bone Stake Lot. He discovers that the bull has been burned and is now gone. The Haruspex asks the head soldier about what happened, who directs him to Captain Longin who is located in the same wagon at the Train Station where Grace was being held on Day 10. Longin tells the Haruspex to speak with the Bachelor. Haruspex talks to the Bachelor about the Bone Stake Lot and the quest ends.

Side Quest: “The Spirit Will Bow Before the Power”[edit | edit source]

Capella will send the Haruspex a letter asking him for help. She asks him to speak to Khan who is inside of the Polyhedron. To enter the Polyhedron, Haruspex seeks out the Bachelor and finds out the password to enter the tower. At the top of the Polyhedron, he finds three Dogheads. Telling them the password or that he's there on the Bachelor's orders will allow him to enter and meet with Khan. The Haruspex relays Capella's offer to him and then returns to Capella to tell her what Khan said. Capella gives the Haruspex her necklace as a reward.

If the Haruspex is unable to convince the Bachelor to give him the password, he will fail the quest. If the Haruspex is unable to provide the correct password to the Dogheads or is unable to trick them into letting him enter the Polyhedron, he will fail the quest. If the Haruspex is unable to properly relay Capella's message to Khan and receive a satisfactory response, he will fail the quest.

Day 12[edit | edit source]

Main Quest: “The Final Proceedings”[edit | edit source]

The Haruspex receives a letter from the Inquisitor reminding him that at 19:00, the Cathedral will be opened for him to enter and make a decision regarding the fate of the Town, if his Bound are all free of disease. He will also receive letters from the Bachelor and the Changeling at 8:00, both requesting to speak with him and to help cure their Bound so they can also go to the Cathedral and argue their case for the fate of the Town.

The Bachelor will be at the Stillwater while the Changeling will be in the Short Block of the Termitary. The Haruspex may speak with them and choose to cure their Bound, which requires a total of 5 to 7 Panacea and Shmowder. The sick Bound members will have an Executor standing outside of their place of residence.

Once the Haruspex heals a set of adherents, he may tell the other healer that their Bound are all healed and invite them to the council that will be held at the Cathedral. When all of the Haruspex's own Bound and another healer's Bound are all cured, he will receive a letter from The Powers That Be which invites him to the Polyhedron. He can enter the Polyhedron and speak with them. If the Haruspex cures every single Bound, then he will receive another letter after meeting The Powers That Be, inviting him to the Theatre. Inside the Theatre, there are two people he can talk to.

At 19:00, the Haruspex enters the Cathedral and speaks with everyone inside. He tells Alexander Block his decision and speaks with everyone again. He may then go to sleep and the game ends once midnight arrives.

Quest Descriptions and Letters[edit | edit source]

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