The Changeling

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The Changeling
Alexander Saburov (adoptive)
Katerina Saburova (adoptive)

Clara (Клара)—also known as the Changeling—is a mysterious girl that can either heal or kill with her bare hands. She is one of three playable characters alongside the Bachelor and the Haruspex.

Background[edit | edit source]

Clara wakes up. Could the dream have been prophetic? She has prophetic dreams often, she's no longer surprised by them—she knows they are sent by the powers that want to warn the herald of what the future holds for her. There were a lot of clues hinting at the veracity of the message.

She does indeed know how to treat those in pain with her miraculous hands. She is indeed willing to ease their suffering. She truly strives to do the right thing! She loves her fellow beings. The girl is eager to do good deeds even if that requires her to go through pain and hardships...

Changeling wakes up at the edge of a pit in the ground. Sleep hasn't brought her comfort. Her back and her legs ache as though she has walked many miles. Her hands are covered in mud, there are traces of dried blood on her bare knees. It's dark. The dawn is a few hours away.''

"The Path of Logic" Route Introduction

While the other playable characters arrive through conventional means, the Changeling quite literally appears from nowhere: she is found at the bottom of a hole in the ground, which is—according to Grace—a freshly dug grave. Clara is the most ambiguous of the characters. She is believed to be either a thief or a miracle worker; either the Plague itself or a saint. In many respects, the aura of mystery around her is caused by the way she appears in the Town. [1]

Throughout the course of the story, Clara reveals details of her past. Some details are true and some are false: in some dialogue options, the Changeling can lie intentionally.

Goals[edit | edit source]

After waking up, Clara is taken in by Katerina and Alexander Saburov, and fulfills tasks on their behalf. At Katerina's urging, Clara's goal becomes to banish the plague by maintaining the Law.

Clara seems to rely upon "a Miracle" in saving The Town, and the belief that people can really change the world by repenting for their sins and making amends for them.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Changeling, unlike the other playable characters, is unable to use most of the weaponry found throughout the town, nor may she fight in the Circle of Suok. Instead, she has access to a unique gun known as the Derringer.

She has access to magical powers which are used in place of the normal unarmed combat: she can damage enemies within a short range and can also cure the Infected. Additionally, Clara can gather herbs and gamble on rat racing.

Bound (Humbles)[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the original English release of Pathologic, Clara was known as "Klara, the Devotress".
  • In the original Russian release of Pathologic, Clara is known as Самозванка, meaning "Impostress".

Spoken Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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