The Bound

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Thirty or so—each of them possessing their own unique traits. All of them hate one another, all of them are habitual liars... all of them deserve to live.
The Executor, Day 1

The Bound were originally a group brought together by Simon Kain. Now they have split into three groups whose fates are tied together to the three protagonists.

The Bound are also called The Fated, The Adherents, "The Gobo's Taglur," and The Town's Circle. "Taglur," meaning "kin circle," refers to a pagan game described as a "roundelay of sorts," while "Gobo" is a character from an epic local to the Town-on-Gorkhon.

It is said that Simon preferred the company of the Bound to any other because it is they who would decide the fate of the town. Each Bound that is saved will influence the endings of the game.


Those bound to the Bachelor:


Those bound to the Haruspex:


Those bound to the Changeling: