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The Termites are one of the three factions, alongside the Utopians and the Humbles. They are represented by the Haruspex.

They are united by a common ideology—the preservation of the Town. All are children who will eventually rule the city.

Pathologic 2[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
The presence of an eighth 'Bound' on the Haruspex's list is simply referred to as an "urdurgh" - 'one whole that contains many'. It is later revealed that this Urdurgh is a representation of the Town.
Significant plot details end here.

The Bound[edit | edit source]

Capella Grace Khan Murky Notkin Sticky Taya Tycheek
NPC Capella.png NPC Grace.png NPC Khan.png NPC Mishka.png NPC Notkin.png NPC Sticky.png NPC Taya.png
Real name Victoria Olgimskaya Jr. The daughter of Big Vlad and Victoria Olgimskaya. Heir to the title of White Mistress. The daughter of the cemetery keeper. Following his death, she is the one who tends to the graves. Communes with the dead. Real name Caspar Kain. The son of Victor Kain and Nina Kaina. Lives in the Polyhedron and is ruler of the Dogheads. An orphan girl who lives in a railway carriage. Looks sleepy and speaks vaguely, so it's usually hard to understand what she says. Head of the Soul-and-a-Halves, a gang of children. He lives in the southern part of the Warehouses. A young thief boy who sees everything that goes on in the town. Young girl who rules the Termitary like a queen. She is the daughter of the late Father Superior. Known as Mother Superior.

Notes[edit | edit source]