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The Tanners
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termitnik_mat (Pathologic)
Taya Tycheek
Overseer Tycheek (formerly)
Oyun (formerly)
Many unnamed Kinsfolk
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The Termitary (Термитник) is an enormous slaughterhouse located in the eastern part of the town in the Skinners District. It sits lodged into The Abattoir, an ancient temple and a place of great significance to the the Kin. At the beginning of the game the Termitary is closed for unknown reasons, with Big Vlad refusing to let anyone in.


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The Termitary consists of two giant concrete building, Block #1 and #2. It is owned by Big Vlad, who had the buildings constructed after a great fire in the Earth district to house the poor workers from the Kin. While those in the Abattoir oversee the slaughter of bulls, the residents of the Termitary blocks handle the actual processing of the meat to fuel the Bull Enterprise.

The workers in communes in an oppressive, work-addled lifestyle. Despite this, there is a living, although perhaps not thriving, community of Kin housed within the Termitary. Their leader, "Father superior" Tycheek recently passed, preceding the Haruspex first visit to the Termitary. They are currently led by Tycheek's daughter, Mother Superior Taya Tycheek.

Although several townsfolk seem to share a similar opinion to the both of the Olgimsky's (Big Vlad and Vlad the Younger), who look down on the worker Kin as nothing more than primitive cattle or a "singular, multi-headed organism",, many like to avoid speaking about the Termitatary and when brought up, speak of it as a blemish on the town.

The kin housed in the Termitary speak frequently of their disdain for the Olgimsky family. Primarily Vlad the Younger, who was the one who saw to the enactment of their forced labour.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Vlad the Younger was the one who gave the order to close the Termitary off. As a result most of the residents have died, some succumbing to the illness, while others were driven to suicide, like a woman seen high atop Block #1, crying with a crowd gathered beneath her as she leaps to her death.

After fruitless attempts by the Haruspex to evacuate Taya Tycheek during the outbreak from the Termitary, it is revealed that despite his esteemed status and earned respect with the kin, a schism has formed amongst them; fuelled by hatred for the Haruspex.

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Bachelor Route

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Haruspex Route

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Changeling Route

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Pathologic 2

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Pathologic: The Marble Nest

The Termitary is blocked from the inside. No one knows what happened there.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover over Termitary, Block #1

Located in the condemned part of Town the Termitary is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When checking the map, Taya Tycheek will be noted as dead.


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