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Sticky (Спичка)
Unnamed father (deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Artemy Burakh (adopted father)
Voice Actor
Maxim Chikhachyov (Russian)
NT (English)

Sticky (Спичка, Spichka) is a young orphan who lives alone in the north of town. He knows the layout of the Town better than anyone and knows many of its secrets. He also assisted Isidor Burakh with brewing tinctures.


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Haruspex Route

My path was called "In Defiance." I almost tracked down that weird creature, but then I found a better goal. I'm going to become a real doctor.

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Sticky will accompany the Haruspex in the Nocturnal Ending and will be one of the few people not being part of the Kin who doesn't leave the Town, along with Murky and Grace. His appearance and clothes change, indicating that he starts to merge with the Kin.

In the Diurnal Ending Sticky will ask the Haruspex to become his tutor. He will live with Murky in Isidor Burakh's house.

The Marble Nest

Sticky assists the Bachelor during the events of The Marble Nest, beginning by waking him from his nightmare. Sticky informs Bachelor that the Judge had come looking for him during his sleep and that his friend Blacky's stepfather is sick. Later, Bachelor finds Sticky, Sleepy Head, and Shrew standing near the Silent House, waiting to collect to souls of the sick carriers inside into nuts. Sticky urges Bachelor not to give any nuts to Shrew, as she wants to collect Bachelor's soul when he dies. Sticky then tells Bachelor that he's not at the Silent House, but rather in bed, ill. He begs Bachelor not die, as he wants to learn how to be a doctor from him. At the end of the Marble Nest, Sticky indicates that he's at Bachelor's sickbed, and tries to reassure him that everything will be alright.

Spoken Dialogue

→ See Sticky/Spoken Dialogue#Pathologic_2


Official Art

Animation Video

Sticky's House
Body Part
Map ID

Sticky (Спичка, Spichka) is a young orphan who lives alone in the north of town. He knows the layout of the Town better than anyone and knows many of its secrets. 


Sticky is a very independent child, spending most of his time exploring the town and hunting for treasure. He regularly climbs into and investigates old buildings, and seems to always find what he's looking for.[1] However, once he finds something, he quickly loses interest and moves on.

Shortly before the Second Outbreak, Sticky became focused on catching the elusive Albino, which he believes to be the source of the plague. Eventually, he develops an obsession with finding the creature that borders on mania. He is dismissive of his personal safety when searching, choosing to wander along the Steppe at dangerous times.

Both Khan and Notkin respect him, but Sticky considers them both to be arrogant, preferring to be alone. Sticky is rarely involved in children's groups, for which he is called a traitor.


My path was called 'The Last Vampire'. I would have surely caught the weird Albino if it not for the plague.
Day 12
Following the "Termite Ending", Capella states that Sticky will become one of the rulers of the town, controlling the commerce and trade of the town. He will ensure that the town always has enough.

His associated color will be "amber."

Portrait Quotes

Now that's what I call a good thievin'. A nimble lad, he is. Snatchin' a ring off your finger like there's no tomorrow, knowin' all them ins n' outs everywhere... and the lockpicks he makes. Man can always recognize the hand of a true master, dontcha think? I'm totally makin' the lad my minion as soon as I get my hands on him. He's a snappish pup all right, all bark 'n bite both, tryin' to keep away from old Bad Grief... But who knows—perhaps one day he'll be the heir to the throne of the King of Thieves... it's anyone's guess if I'm really gonna do it.
Bad Grief's take on him
That cryptic creature that he had encountered in some desolated corner of the town has really changed him. It seems to have turned into a mania. The main goal of his adventures used to be a nonexistent hidden treasure, but now he's going crazy for that longneck monster. He's positive that it is the last vampire...
Capella's take on him

Spoken Dialogue

→ See Sticky/Spoken Dialogue


Official Art


  • In the original English translation of the game, his name was written as "Spichka".
  • His Russian name—Спичка—means "matchstick." The current translation of his name is a reference to this.