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There are a few rules you must follow when editing and creating pages:

  1. Anything that is against the Pathologic game is not allowed on the wiki, no matter what.
  2. No spam/vandalism
  3. When creating an article, include as much text as possible and, preferably, an image. Pages that don't meet these requirements may be removed without warning for lack of content.
  4. Harassment, insults, ad hominem is not allowed on the wiki. Keep discussion as civil as possible.
  5. Stick to the facts - don't create parody/comedic/nonsense/hoax articles or articles that could mislead players.
  6. Please try to avoid spoilers or at least hide them under the appropriate tag. Examples:
  7. Articles about fan communities are not allowed due to advertising issues and stuff like that.
  8. Please add a summary to all of your edits - this will make the wiki more organized.
  9. Linking to videos is only allowed if it's the only way to show a certain event or if they are official videos.
  10. If an image is uploaded and not integrated into a useful article soon after, we reserve the right to delete it without notice.
  11. Always sign your posts on talk pages with ~~~~.
  12. If you see a comment without a signature, look into the page's history to find the username of the person who made the comment and the date and time the comment was posted, then use {{Unsigned}} to remind them for next time.
  13. Abusing multiple accounts will not be tolerated. Conversely, each account should only be used by one person. If a group or organization wishes to edit on-wiki, each individual member that will be editing needs to create their own account.

Thank you for following these rules.