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The Tanners
Map ID
cot_alexandr (Alexander's wing) (Pathologic)
cot_katerina (Katerina's wing) (Pathologic)
Alexander Saburov
Katerina Saburova
Changeling (formerly)
Save checkpointItem storage

The Rod is a mansion owned by Alexander Saburov and Katerina Saburova in the Tanners district of Town.


The Rod is split into two wings: Alexander's Wing and Katerina's wing.


All playable healers may rest in the bed in Alexander's Wing. Changeling is also able to store items in the nightstand in Alexander's Wing.

Pathologic 2

The Haruspex is able to save at the clocks in both Alexander's Wing and Katerina's Wing. Inside of Katerina's wing there is a cabinet which will occasionally be stocked with morphine, tourniquets and broken ampules.



Bachelor Route

On Day 1 the Bachelor visits Alexander Saburov, as directed by the patrolmen outside the Burakh house. Alexander believes the Haruspex to be responsible for Isidor's murder, and advises Bachelor to visit Yulia Lyuricheva.

On Day 2 Saburov will ask for proof of the Plague. The Bachelor can deliver him the key to the Burakh house to assist him in gaining emergency powers.

On Day 3 the Bachelor will request permission from Saburov to proceed with producing a vaccine. He will be redirected to Aspity, as Saburov advises him regarding local beliefs about cutting flesh. He will also be brought to the Rod upon first trying to take a diseased blood sample at the Cemetery.

On Day 4 Saburov will ask for the Bachelor's assistance in dealing with the criminal element of the town, which has taken to looting houses in burned districts. He asks Bachelor to investigate the Warehouses, starting with Bad Grief.

On Day 5 Bachelor can appeal to the Saburovs to release the Haruspex, unsuccessfully.

On Day 6 Alexander will help identify possible carriers among the women of the town. Upon taking blood from Anna Angel, Bachelor is redirected to the Rod, and to Katerina's wing. Clara is also with Katerina, but will leave for the Cemetery before a blood sample can be taken.

On Day 7, during a search for an Executor's costume for Artemy Burakh, Bachelor will be able to speak to Alexander about acquiring an Executor Mask. Alexander has placed Peter Stamatin in charge of burial, and believes he should be in possession of such a mask.

Haruspex Route

On Day 2 Haruspex will need to appeal to Alexander Saburov to recover the keys to his family home. Saburov makes it clear he would rather arrest the Haruspex due to his wife's visions. He nevertheless will hand over the house key.

On Day 8 Georgiy Kain will direct the Haruspex to Katerina to report Vlad the Younger's potential execution. Katerina will advise that the Saburovs cannot intervene, and will direct the Haruspex to Taya Tycheek.

On Day 10 Haruspex can ask Katerina for her interpretation of the Udurgh, following a disagreement with the Bachelor.

Changeling Route

On Day 1 Changeling can visit Alexander Saburov at the Rod after healing the wounded man at the Willows. He will also direct Changeling to speak to Katerina Saburova in her wing. Katerina will ask the player to visit Georgiy Kain.

On Day 2 Alexander Saburov will request that Changeling find out more about Aspity, and direct the player to speak to Vlad the Younger. This is the first of several daily quests in which Changeling will have to determine if her Bound are at fault for the Plague. Katerina will also have a request to speak to Grace to convince her of the ideology of the Humbles for a reputation boost.

On Day 3 Saburov will ask Changeling to investigate Anna Angel. Katerina will ask Changeling to speak to Eva Yan, similar to her request the previous day.

On Day 4 Saburov will ask Changeling to investigate Bad Grief. The player will also need to present him with a sack from Barley the Barber's warehouse as part of the main quest. After speaking to Lara Ravel, Saburov will be able to advise you where to find the Haruspex. Katerina will ask Changeling to speak to Mark Immortell at the Theatre.

On Day 5 Saburov will want to investigate Stanislav Rubin. He will direct Changeling to visit Vlad the Younger. Katerina will focus on converting Peter Stamatin, and will direct you to speak with him.

On Day 6 Katerina will ask you to speak to Capella to get close to Vlad the Younger. Alexander Saburov will direct Changeling to find out about Yulia Lyuricheva.

On Day 7 Changeling can speak to Alexander Saburov after locating an Executor's cloak and mask. He will ask Changeling to investigate the plans of The Powers That Be to ascertain if the town was always doomed. Upon confirming the situation with the Haruspex, the Changeling can return to Alexander and Katerina to discuss the fate of the town. They will accept judgement from the Inquisitor, and the Changeling can find them guilty or innocent.

On Day 11 both Saburovs can be spoken to during the main quest, when the Changeling is required to choose members of her Bound.

Pathologic 2

On Day 4 the Haruspex will be informed by Alexander Saburov that he has caught Isidor Burakh's murder and should see him in the Rod at his earliest convenience. Upon arriving at the Rod the Haruspex will find a kin man as the accused. He is not Isidor's murderer but he does tell the Haruspex that he saw Isidor with Simon Kain together in the Steppe hours before their deaths, adding a new clue to the investigation. The Haruspex may ask Saburov to let the innocent man go but Saburov will insist that it will be his decision whether or not to let the man go.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
On Day 5 the Changeling will appear on the street and beg for the Haruspex's held with her new parents. Her new parents are the Saburovs, who she has since had to leave. When the Haruspex arrives at the Rod the building will be crawling with both reflections and an angry crowd. Saburov will ask the Haruspex to disperse the crowd as they seem to want the Changeling. While speaking to the crowd the Haruspex will discover that there is a carrier of the Sand Plague walking around, alive. He concludes that contrary to what he originally thought not all those who contract the Sand Pest die of it.

On Day 6 the Haruspex will receive a messenger from Saburov, asking him to come to the Rod as he has once again found Isidor's murder. It is still the wrong man. He was a thief but he did not kill Isidor Burakh. After the Haruspex arrives Saburov will ask him to check on his wife Katerina Saburova as she is being tormented by an affliction that he believes the Haruspex can help her with. While speaking to Katerina she will speak of a strange being tormenting her. After speaking to Katerina the Rat Prophet will appear in the corner and berate the Haruspex for not truly understanding the nature of the Sand Plague.

Significant plot details end here.

Residents of the Rod will be under threat of being infected with Sand Pest on Day 6 and Day 10.

Pathologic: The Marble Nest

Governor Saburov went down with this town.
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover over Alexander's Wing of The Rod.
Someone convinced Katerina Saburova, a local ruler, that she must save the Town. She promptly went across the river. And we had already evacuated her, too...
Bachelor's Pathologic: The Marble Nest map hover over Katerina's Wing of The Rod.

Located in the condemned part of Town The Rod is inaccessible during The Marble Nest. When checking the map, Alexander Saburov will be noted as dead and Katerina Saburova will be noted as alive.


Alexander's Wing

Katerina's Wing

Alexander's Wing

Katerina's Wing

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