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This entry refers to the original Pathologic (2005).

Rat Racing location on the map, marked with a red arrow
This is to announce that there is money to be made by anyone who comes into possession of a rat (especially that of significant dexterity). Come to the Works, Warehouse Two. Confidentiality guaranteed.
Rat Race

Rat Racing is a side activity in Pathologic that the Haruspex and Changeling can take part in as a means to gain money. Rats are captured by crouching and pressing the "use" key (E by default) while sneaking behind them. It can be found in warehouse Two in the Works, between factory buildings #3 (The Butchering Room) and #2 (The Long Facility). They may use either a Rat or a Brown Rat.


"Ok, look! Here's a new amusement. Rat Races! There are always three rats - let's call them Smarty Pants, Easy Game, and Beggar. Smarty Pants is running along one track, Beggar is simultaneously - simultaneously, geddit? running along the other, and on the third track...

...Obviously, the rats are different every time. It's about the track. Say, a rat took the Smarty Pants track; it has to pass all twelve checkpoints. If it comes first, it wins. If you were smart enough to bet on it, you win.

Rat Racing becomes available from Day 5 onward. The Haruspex will recieve a letter inviting him to participate in the races, while the Changeling recieves no such invitation but can still participate as long as the Doghead is there. Winning the race nets a total of 500 coins, while the result of losing is nothing except a loss of time and a rat.



  • Bachelor is the only playable character that cannot participate in Rat Races.
  • Participating in a Rat Race on Day 5 as the Haruspex earns you an achievement, titled "You're so funny".
  • Brown Rats, which appear in infected districts, are said to be better than normal Rats.
  • Any rat spawned directly into the player's inventory through Console Commands cannot be used in rat races and will prevent the player from interacting with the Doghead at all. However, rats spawned and captured in the overworld can be used.