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About Pathologic

Pathologic (Мор. Утопия) is a 2005 psychological horror survival role-playing game developed by Russian game studio Ice-Pick Lodge. On May 23, 2019, Pathologic 2 released as a re-imagining of the original.

A mysterious and deadly disease breaks out in a remote town built upon old tanneries and butcheries. Whilst the disease can be identified by physical symptoms, its roots and origins remain mysterious. The disease is highly infectious and deadly. It affects the neural and the blood-circulating systems, crippling both body and mind.

Along with a learned doctor sent by the local authorities to investigate the disease and find an optimal solution, who goes by the name of the Bachelor, two volunteers find their way through the town. One of them, the Changeling, is a strange girl who believes she can heal with her hands, and the other, the Haruspex, is a talented amateur who’s fond of experimental surgery.

After the doctor the local authorities send an Inquisitor ordered to assess the situation, then a military Commander. The Inquisitor has to save as many lives as possible while executing the doctor's solution; the Commander has the right to exterminate the whole Town should the others run out of options.

Taking on the role of one of the healers, you’ll explore the Town, its weird traditions, and the complex relationships of its inhabitants. You will only have twelve days to defeat the invisible enemy called the Sand Plague.

Time will become one of your most precious resources. Choices will haunt your every step. You’ll want to get closer to your goal, but sometimes it’ll all come down to mere survival. In a time when everyone is in danger, would you lend a gun to a person who may use it with ill intent? Would you try to save someone who claims they don’t need to be saved? Would you share your medicine with important figures who will unveil the Town’s numerous secrets in return, or would you rather help an ordinary stranger in need? Or maybe even selfishly keep the pills in case you get sick? And sooner or later you will—Pathologic is a bleak and harsh survival adventure that’ll make sure of it.