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This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. Read at your own risk.

The Soul-and-a-Half Fortress
Jester (cat)
Voice Actor
Daniil Bledny (Russian)
JT (English)

Notkin (Ноткин) is the leader of the children's gang the Soul-and-a-Halves.


In opposition to Khan’s Dogheads, Notkin’s Soul-and-a-Halves don’t play with a “miracle” but with such simple, earthly values as dogs, birds and kittens. Large hands, covered abundantly in animal scratches. Very thin fingernails, almost cleanly bitten away. Plain and shabby clothes, with nothing to signal his status as leader. He frowns and adopts a serious manner, trying to be a grownup, but his face may brighten quite suddenly! That’s when he opens up and reaches out to a person. He can have this joyful, carefree expression when playing with his cat, Jester.
From the game's design documents

Notkin is an orphan who lives in the Warehouses. He is the leader of the Soul-and-a-Halves and one of the children listed on Isidor Burakh's List. During the epidemic he falls under the care of the Haruspex. His hands are covered in tiny cat scratches and to his gang he is a revered quick thinker.


Notkin's mother died in childbirth and his father later died in the war, leaving him an orphan. Notkin used to reside with the other children in the Polyhedron before he grew tired of their obsession with miracles and lofty ideals, leading to a falling out with Khan, the leader of the Dogheads. Following his ousting from the Polyhedron he retreated to the Warehouses and created a group much more interested in the value of simplicity and Earth: the Soul-and-a-Halves. The Soul-and-a-Halves are dual-souls, each chosen by an animal companion that acts as their extra half of a soul. Notkin's Half is a grey cat named Jester.


Haruspex Route

My path was called "A Half-Soul More." I wanted to create a real utopia, a fraternity of boys and pups, girls and kittens, tots and cubs...

On the first day of the Haruspex's return Notkin asks for his aid in helping with some of his Soul-and-a-Halves dogs Alma, Duke, and Wolfling as he had already asked the Bachelor for help and was refused. Notkin will ask the Haruspex a number of troubling moral quandaries, questioning when he thinks a murder is just - if at all. Following the strange conversation Notkin will tell the Haruspex of his troubles with the Doghead Lika, who is the one who poisoned their dogs, who the Halves "like better than people". If the Haruspex insists on helping with his issue Notkin will give him a leash, insisting that he give it to Lika. If the leash if given to Lika it is implied that the Halves control him somehow, throwing him down a Well. If he spares Lika Notkin is not angry, only contemplative.

Notkin, being one of the children who visited Isidor Burakh frequently, may tell the Haruspex of his visits and direct him to Capella for further information.

On the day of the outbreak one of the Soul-and-a-Halves, Patches, falls ill. Notkin asks for help first from the Bachelor, who advises that Patches is a lost cause and that the Warehouse should be quarantined. Unsatisfied with the Bachelor's advice Notkin sends for the Haruspex, who he believes will be able to help. When the Haruspex arrives Notkin provides him with three antibiotic pills they have managed to find, and wishes him luck. The Haruspex does manage to lower Patches infection through his treatment. Unfortunately Patches still passes, as even with the following help of the Changeling he could not be saved.

In the evening Notkin meets with Khan in the Broken Heart to discuss the search for the House of Death - a home that is, according to legend, the home of Death. According to the legend if someone were to either stay in the home until midnight or light candles inside they would scare Death away. Neither Notkin or Khan truly believe in the legend, but insist on looking anyway as "when there's smoke, there's fire." The two are interupted by the Haruspex, who insists on going in their place. The boys refuse as Notkin does not want to be seen as weak, hiding behind another man's back. Notkin and Khan find the home in the Crude Sprawl and wait inside, hoping to scare Death away. The Haruspex catches up with them and, after lighting the required candles, takes the boys away from the dangerous house.

Following their foray into the House of Death Notkin becomes infected with the Sand Plague. It is unclear where exactly he caught it from as he had both been near Patches and inside an infected home in recent days. Notkin begs the Haruspex to take him away from the Soul-and-a-half Fortress to keep his friends safe. The Haruspex may use a shmowder on Notkin, curing him of the Sand Pest. If he does so Notkin will become angry, insisting that it was a foolish thing for the Haruspex to do. He later sobers, thanking the Haruspex for saving him, even if he doesn't think that it was a good idea. If Notkin is not cured following the House of Death it is likely that he will die.

During the days of the outbreak Notkin sends his Soul-and-a-Halves to inspect infected districts in order to make a map for the Haruspex.

On the tenth day since the Haruspex returned to his hometown the plague suddenly infects all of the currently living children on his list. This marks the second time Notkin becomes infected due to extraneous circumstances.

In the Dirunal Ending Notkin can be found by Taya Tycheek, Oyun, and Aspity, contemplating convincing Taya to join the Soul-and-a-Halves when she is a little bit older. In the Nocturnal Ending Notkin flees the Town with those who can no longer live within the Town alongside many of the Utopians and Humbles.

The Marble Nest

Notkin perished prior to the events of The Marble Nest.

Spoken Dialogue

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Official Art

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  • In Pathologic, Jester's name was Artist.
  • The name "Notkin" suggests that it is a surname, due to its ending '-in' (eg. Rubin, Kain). However, it is unclear if Notkin's name is meant to be either a first name or surname.

The Castle of the Soul-and-a-Halves
Body Part

Notkin (Ноткин) is the leader of the children's gang, the Soul-and-a-Halves. In the Haruspex route, he sells the player updated maps.


He is blunt and short-tempered, but is easily appeased. He is good-natured at heart, and is well-aware of his social power and the consequences that could result from it.

Notkin is very fond of animals, as is a theme within his Soul-and-a-Halves. Notkin owns a large grey cat named "Artist".


Once a close friend of Kaspar "Khan" Kain, the two boys eventually had a falling out, and Notkin was ousted from the Polyhedron. In retaliation, Notkin assembled his own group of homeless children, and took up residence in the southern section of the Warehouses. There is a dangerous rivalry between his gang and Khan's, and prior to the Second Outbreak each side was preparing for an open war.[1]

Notkin has a badly sprained foot and suffers from limited movement. Despite his immobility, his Soul-and-a-Halves scour the city, acting in his command.


In Steppe lore, a "Dualsoul" is the name for an evil spirit which houses two souls inside one body. Notkin referenced this creature when creating his gang: the "half-soul" refers to an animal companion living with a member of the gang. They raise and protect a chosen animal in their youth—but when both are grown, the roles are reversed and the animal instead protects the owner.

Most of the gang's "half-souls" are dogs, though there have been some exotic examples: wolves, ferrets, crows, etc.[2] Fifteen years prior to the outbreak, they also used beetles due to their wise appearance.


My path was called 'Soul-and-a-Halves'. I wanted to create a tight brotherhood of children and animals.
Day 12
Following the "Termite Ending", Capella states that Notkin will become one of the rulers of the town, managing the relations with the Steppe and railway. There must be constant communication with the world beyond the Town.

His associated color will become "gold."

Portrait Quotes

Notkin used to be Khan's best friend. I don't know what their quarrel was about, but most likely it was about Notkin not wanting to dance to his whistle. For what it's worth, they also say that he was banished from the Polyhedron by the Mother Superior—before she returned to the orphaned Termitary.
Capella's take on him
After Mother left, we invited him back, but he, in his pride, refused. Instead he chose to dig a lair by the Warehouses and play the "Soul-and-a-Halves". A dangerous game, seeing how Grief isn't afraid of father in the slightest. Notkin took a risk, but that drew other misfits to him. And that's how they started their slummy society.
Khan's take on him

Spoken Dialogue

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Official Art