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Mistresses are the female counterparts of the ruling families of the city, endowed with prophetic power. Visions visit them only in dreams. The nature of a Mistress is such that she cannot lie.

Women who weave time into threads of power. They let power go through them and then let the threads back out. Even as men are building a town from wood and stone, the Mistresses weave its soul from intangible substances. The joys and the sorrows, the epiphanies and the lethargies, the feelings, the inspirations, that is the yarn that the Mistresses spin.
Katerina Saburova

Dark Nina Kaina, bright Victoria Olgimskaya, and Katerina Saburova—that's how the balance looked about ten years ago. After the death of Nina, Katerina began to play the role of the dark Mistress to maintain balance. After the death of Victoria, she rushed toward the light, but could not reach it, which undermined her credibility. At the beginning of the epidemic in the city, Maria Kaina and Capella are preparing to receive their powers in full. Clara may also have the power of a Mistress, but if she is to receive them in full, it can only be after the death of Katerina. According to Capella, one cannot be both holy and a Mistress of Earth.

The visions of mistresses have limitations. Katerina claims that detailed truth hurts; Maria's strength could suffer if she starts to doubt her premonitions; Capella said that the visions do not allow you to see through walls.

To receive her full powers and become a Mistress, a future Mistress has to go through a painful process, accompanied by seizures and fainting, and then finally wake up. After that, she will not be the same person. A future Mistress must recognize the next Mistress, passing on continuity. It is not clear whether the role of Mistress is a tradition, or a necessary stage of mystical transformation.

"Scarlet" Mistress[edit | edit source]

Former: Nina Kaina

Current: Maria Kaina

"White" Mistress[edit | edit source]

Former: Victoria Olgimskaya

Current: Capella

"Earth's" Mistress[edit | edit source]

Current: Katerina Saburova

Future: Clara (potentially)