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Ice-Pick Lodge is a Russian game development studio founded in 2002. The studio has released four games:

2005: Pathologic — a story of survival in a self-conscious city struck with an unknown disease. It required a lot of wandering, a great deal of reading and a fluid perspective of events.

2008-2009: The Void (also known as Tension, Russian: Тургор/Turgor) — a story of survival in a monochrome world of the Void where every living thing depends on Color. Every action there was done by drawing, and the hero was represented as a transparent human-shaped vessel.[1]

2011: Cargo! The Quest for Gravity — too crazy even for its creators, this story is set in a word that faced its apocalypse because of the loss of gravity. There you had to drop the flying islands back into the ocean and to convert the submersibles into the aircrafts.

2013: Knock-Knock — a story of a lonely forester haunted by strange nighttime visitors. There you had to analyze the causes of insanity, gradually getting to the understanding of being played with by the rules that differ from the initial conventions.[2]

2015: Pathologic Classic HD — a remaster of the 2005 cult classic. Updated textures, higher resolutions support, new visual effects, brand new in-house English translation, and many other improvements.

2019: Pathologic 2 — a reimagining and modern take of the 2005 cult classic.

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