Herb Brides

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Herb Brides
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Herb Brides (Травяные невесты, Твириновые невесты, Twyre Brides) are part of The Kin. While implied to be the females of the Worm "species", they nonetheless appear fully human. They communicate with the Earth and dance to bring herbs to the surface. Their dances are part of the obligatory Rite. Herb Brides know the lines, so when dancing, Brides can bend and extend them — it's considered a sacred art in the Kin culture. Their clothes split open as they dance.

While their main role in the community is to chase the herbs from below the ground and onto the surface, Herb Brides also act as midwives.

Willow Mellow and Nara are the only Herb Brides with unique storylines and direct plot significance.


Gatherers gather herbs. I merely live. I caress the Earth, I kiss the Earth, I nourish it with my warmth. Every night I run through the herbs naked and sing lullabies to them. Every night demands a different lullaby. Every herb demands a different lullaby. I know them all. I know how to make herbs lush.

While not as powerful as Mistresses, Herb Brides still posses supernatural abilities. They claim that the Sand Plague doesn't affect them the same way as it does others. If a Herb Bride gets infected with the Plague, she will recover quickly unless the infection is too severe. In that case, the Bride will die. However, a sick Herb Bride cannot infect anyone else.[1]

Traditionally, herb brides are only allowed to couple with odonghs, and can be bought and traded between them. Their odonghs profit from them, since the Brides are the only ones who are able to nurture the herbs and provide a good harvest.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
The relation between the Kin and the Plague is emphasized in Pathologic 2 . Being the child of the Earth, the Plague is connected to the Albino, odonghs, and Herb Brides. One cannot exist without the other.

It is implied that Aspity is the one who sets Brides up as dancers or couriers, as well as brokers work for them and odonghs.

Significant plot details end here.


Official Art


  • It's forbidden for Herb Brides to have footwear: it's believed they speak with Earth through their rhythmic footsteps.
  • Some Herb Brides can be met in Andrey Stamatin's pub as dancers.


  1. "...If there's not too much Sand Dirt in our bodies, it leaves them quickly. And we can't infect anyone at all, that much is certain. If the Dirt is abundant, however, then it devours us just like any other person, and there's nothing to be done about that."