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"Drugs" is the third of five tabs in the player's inventory. Drugs include antibiotics, cures, immunity boosters, painkillers, and vaccines. Drugs may have effects on health, immunity, and infection.

Icon Name Type Description
Alphapills.png Alpha-Tablets Immunity Booster An outdated immunity booster. Only useful in very large doses that cause serious health damage.
Ui beta pills b.png Beta-Tablets Immunity Booster A synthetic immunity booster. Good for increasing immunity. Overdosing can lead to adverse health effects.
Ui chernaya vakcina b.png Black Vaccine Vaccines An early sample of the "organic vaccine" A makeshift prophylactic drug based on a dead culture of the Sand Plague. Allegedly restores one's immunity over the course of several hours.
Ui sinyaya vakcina b.png Blue Vaccine Vaccines An enhanced variant of the "organic vaccine". A prophylactic drug based on a weakened culture of the Sand Plague. Tested by volunteers and judged to be suited for distribution. Restores immunity for 4 hours, rendering a person almost completely insusceptible to the effects of the disease. (Level of immunity - up to 80%. The medicine does small damage to health.)
Ui delta pills b.png Delta-Tablets Immunity Booster An immunity booster. A masterpiece of this country's pharmacology. Increases immunity by a great deal. Large doses cause negligible harm.
Ui etorfin b.png Etorphine Painkiller A powerful narcotic painkiller. It's very good at reducing pain and has a similarly strong sedative effect (35s, -35e). Restores strength when sleeping (3e/ph, 3s/ph). It should be remembered that an overdose can lead to a severely weakened state and even death. Effective for ten hours.
Ui feromicin b.png Feromycinum Antibiotic An antibiotic that kills microbes and suppresses their growth. Feromycinum causes a sharp decrease in the number of harmful microorganisms and halves and infection's rate of progression. It does not eradicate the disease, but can significantly lower the lecel of infection and even return the patient to consciousness. Is very harmful to health.
Ui gamma pills b.png Gamma-Tablets Immunity Booster New-generation immunity booster. Excellent for increasing immunity. Speeds up white blood cell production. Can be dangerous in large doses.
Ui meradorm b.png Meradorm Painkiller A painkiller (-25e) rather than a sleeping draught. Restores a small amount of health (3s). Good for restoring strength during sleep (5e/ph, 8s/ph). Meradorm has a strong sedative effect and induces sleep even during excruciating pain. The effect lasts for 5 hours.
Ui monomicin b.png Monomycin Antibiotic An antibiotic that kills microbes in the organism and suppresses their growth. Monomycinum doesn't kill harmful microorganisms, but strongly impedes their reproduction which is crucial for this type of infection. Unable to destroy the disease but can reduce the rate of infection to a third. Significantly harmful to health.
Ui morfin b.png Morphine Painkiller A universal opiate painkiller. Has a strong analgesic (15s) and sedative (-25e) effect. Used for heavy injuries, acute pain and in preparation for surgery. Reduces fatigue (8e/ph) and increases health (2s/ph) when sleeping. The effect lasts for 10 hours.
Ui neomicin b.png Neomycin Antibiotic An antibiotic that kills microbes in the organism and suppresses their growth. Neomycinum slightly decreases the number of harmful microorganisms but does not slow down the rate of infection. Unable to destroy the disease, but can halve the level of infection. Slightly harmful to health.
Ui novokain b.png Novocaine Painkiller Has an equal analgesic and sedative effect (10s, -10e). Provides excellent restoration of strength when sleeping (8е/ph, 13s/ph). A good local anesthetic. The effect lasts for 9 hours.
Ui syvorotka buraha b.png Panacea Cure An organic serum based on the antibodies that Artemy Burakh managed to procure from some mysterious source. Completely eradicates the effects of the infection at any stage. Is not harmful. Only a few portions exist in the town. Probably no more than a dozen.
Ui poroshochek b.png Shmowder Cure A mix of randomly chosen drugs (mostly antibiotics). Those "shmowders" were created by children to "play Plague." The random recipe produced an unexpected result--the powder completely removes the effects of Sand Plague infection, but severely damages health.
Ui tvirin b.png Twyrine Painkiller A strong infusion of the oxitocia tvirinum herb. Boosts immunity. Acts as an analgesic, restores strength during sleep. According to elder locals, critical doses of twyrine can alter the effects of infection. Some of the effects of twyrine are still unknown.
Ui belaya vakcina b.png White Vaccine Vaccines The final variant of the "organic vaccine". A unique prophylactic drug based on a live culture of the Sand Plague. Even if one's immunity is completely suppressed by the infection, given a safe environment it will be restored in 25 minutes. Maintains one's immunity in infected districts for four hours. (level of immunity - up to 95%, period of effect - up to 8 hours).
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