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This entry includes information regarding both Pathologic (2005) and Pathologic 2 (2019).

List of dialogue spoken by the Changeling. These lines are played when near a character, providing additional insight into the events and characters of the Town.

Dialogue spoken is dependent on both the day and chosen player character.

Pathologic Classic


  • I'm so tired I might faint.
  • I'm sick. The world is going dark.
  • It's so cold.
  • My hands are tired and my palms are tingling.
  • Yes?
  • What?
  • I'm surprised you're still alive.
  • You've changed, or am I imagining things?
  • Are you sure you're in good health? I'm glad.
  • What is there to talk about now?
  • However astute, you are unable to fathom the extent of the evil you're doing.
  • Neither the Town nor the Tower have to be sacrificed. Everything can be saved.
  • People are willing to sacrifice themselves so that the Town survives. Help me get to the Cathedral. I'll show you.

Day 1-2


Day 3

  • (Bachelor) See? I'm not trying to interfere with your work. Each of us has their own way.
  • (Bachelor) Why are you giving me that look? I don't bite.

Day 4


Day 5

  • (Bachelor) Everybody's waiting for a train carrying tankfuls of panacea. Those fools. They think a train can fix all this. Right.
  • (Bachelor) I wonder what they found in that huge well.

Day 6

  • (Bachelor) It's not me, I swear. I'm all alone against the world, but it's not my fault.
  • (Haruspex) Won't anyone believe me? Won't anyone help?
  • (Both) My patrons have abandoned me. I'm expelled from their very house. They'll pay for it.

Day 7


Day 8

  • (Haruspex) Impossible, impossible, impossible they say. But what if it can be done?
  • (Haruspex) Dankovsky believes the disease came from the wells. He's wrong.

Day 9

  • (Haruspex) Arsonists everywhere, riflemen all around... they haven't touched the common folk yet, but, what's next?
  • (Haruspex) I'm still enamored of this valiant Commander. He told me he was going to protect me. Yes... I will win him over to my cause.

Day 10


Day 11

  • (Bachelor) This false Georgiy is no Georgiy at all. Another person has been living in his body for two days now.
  • (Haruspex) The devoted have agreed to help me. They'll be the first to follow the Town's fathers’ lead.
  • (Both) I'll find a use for every single person here! I'll perform the essential miracle.

Pathologic 2

  • Shall I sing a song for you?
  • (sings to herself)
  • People… don't like people much. But hating others… that's a challenge to them, too.
  • Words are neither priceless nor worthless—they are only their purpose.
  • Look at my hands. Ignore the dirt. Just focus your gaze…
  • I won't touch you, so don't touch me.
  • Is a hand a hand? Or is it just the fingers? Or the prints themselves?
  • It wasn't me. Don't glare at me like that.
  • Life blooms only while love breathes. Love is vital—how can I make you see?
  • There is a god.
  • You know… all saints and magi alike… they only speak of love. Love and patience are our most precious gifts.
  • You know I'm not angry with you? Not at all.
  • Bitch… what a beautiful word. Bitch. I'm talking about my sister.
  • Will no one believe me? Will no one reach out to me…?
  • White birds are killed, yet black cats are beloved.
  • My heart aches like it's been pierced with a blunt needle.
  • I pity you, human. You're so good, but there’s so little of you left.
  • Whichever finger bleeds, the whole hand aches.
  • Our quarrels are ended, our friendship is mended, and if I should lie, of pox should I die.
  • The sweet tabby I chose had no fur and no nose; on eight paws he would linger, on his tail was a stinger…
  • Rough as dutch, safe to touch. Smooth as bone, leave it alone.
  • See? I'm not holding you back. Let each of us find our own path.
  • Why are you looking at me like that? I don't bite.
  • It wasn't me, I swear! Everyone's against me, but I'm guiltless…
  • I had a sister once. I recall a girl as little as me when I was little myself.
  • I'm going to faint… I need water, please! Water!
  • Ugh. It's so cold, isn't it? Like, cold-cold.
  • Who are you?
  • Huh?
  • Weird that you're still alive…
  • You've changed, haven't you? Or am I seeing things?
  • (snickering) No, no, don't mind me. You're just funny, that's all.
  • (laughter)
  • Shh… stop squirming. Everything's all right now.
  • Close your eyes. Let me kiss them.
  • God sees us from beneath the earth. Why do you think he's in Heaven? He's down below.
  • You've never seen a living human in your life.
  • There's more of me to love… like two or three of me.
  • The left hand doesn't know what the right's up to. And the right doesn't know the left's secrets.
  • There’s a lot of me… not so much of you.
  • They're all expecting a train carrying medicine and doctors! Fools! They honestly think a train can fix this. Like hell it'll come!
  • My patrons have spurned me. Turned me out of their house. But they'll pay for it…
  • You think you're cool-headed, but you're just cooling.
  • Warm hands, cold heart, huh? The saying goes the other way.
  • Light feet and heavy heart, huh? It should be the other way around.