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The Capital is a location in Pathologic that is often referenced by various characters, yet very little is actually known about the place. The Capital is likely the central city in the country where the game takes place (likely one paralleling Moscow in Russia). The Powers That Be, the ultimate representation of the Law, seem to reside there.

The characters that are from or have visited the Capital appear to be well-educated, suggesting that higher and superior education is available there. Victor Kain lived in the Capital when he was very young. It's where he met his future wife, Nina Kaina, an aristocrat, who later left there to live in the Town with Victor, implying a level of stratified wealth and power beyond that available in the Steppe. The Olgimsky family moved from the Capital at some point in the past. Mark Immortell used to perform in the Capital before fleeing to Town.

The Bachelor attended university there for medicine, and the Stamatin brothers for architecture. Aglaya Lilich and Yulia Lyuricheva also studied there in some capacity. Alexander Block either resides here, or has merely come from the Capital with the Army.

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Characters who came to the Town from the Capital: