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Bull Project

The Bull Enterprise is the Town's meat-making industry. It is run by the Olgimskys.


The Bull Enterprise is the centre of the Town's industry, bringing in most of the money and supply of the Town. The Bull Enterprise works to supply meat and hide from the Bulls on the Steppe. The supplies are then sold to places outside of the Town and exchanged for both coin and unique supplies such as medicine. During the duration of Pathologic and Pathologic 2 the Bull Enterprise is in a state of stasis as the trains to their supplies have not arrived, leaving the Town with shortages in several supplies.

The Bull Enterprise is responsible for the pollution of the Gorkhon River as the waste the enterprise produces - blood, flesh and guts - are dumped into the river. This has lead to the Townspeople preferring to source their water from springs outside of the Town.

The Bull Enterprise holds a collective economic choke-hold over the Town. It provides significant employment to the Town via Olgimsky's factories. At least a third of the town works for the Bull Enterprise. Majority of the workforce for the Bull Enterprise consist of members of the Kin, who have had their lands and customs re-purposed under Olgimsky's rule. The power of the Bull Enterprise is the power of Big Vlad and due to his economic standing no one would dare oppose him - including the other ruling families: the Saburovs and the Kains. This has led to Big Vlad gaining the nicknames of "Master" and "Böos", for he is "like a bull".

According to Big Vlad the "Bull Enterprise" what not a name he gave the collective, but rather a "silly name" applied to it by the Townsfolk that simply stuck. The collective business will one day be passed from Big Vlad to Vlad the Younger who plans to not only expand the Bull Enterprise but to create a more "productive and efficient foundation for [their] industrial empire".

The Bull Enterprise collectively consists of the: