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Bos Turokh is the great bull of elder stories. He is Earth. We follow the Lines when we cut up bulls because in his lines, in his nerves and sinews, Bos Turokh encased the knowledge of how the world is connected.
When opening up a body, a butcher reenacts Creation.

Bos Turokh (Бос Турох, World Bull, Cosmic Bull, great Bull, the Father of Flesh, the Carver of Lines, the Bearer of Horns) is the central deity of the Steppe people's religion. According to the legends, Bos Turokh created the Universe, Wheel, Time, and Fear after consuming Suok, the personification of evil. Everything that happens to this being, all of its vital processes, all of its shapes, are signs and semblances reflecting all that was, is, or will be in this world. The Legend of the Bos Turokh comes from "Baur Meges", a tale of the world's creation.

Bos Turokh's earthly image is known as aurochs, Bos Primigenius or "Buha-noyon" as they were called, an ancient species of Steppe bull whose lines are akin to the lines of the Cosmic Bull.

The Kin use the auorchs blood in sacrificial rites and consider the Abattoir Bos Turokh's house, a sacred place closed to outsiders.

The Legend

There was a time when there were neither day nor night; neither top nor bottom; neither sea nor land. There was but one thing in the world, and it was the great Bull, the Father of Flesh, the Carver of Lines, the Bearer of Horns—Bos Turokh. Up from the abyss came Suok, and she filled the world with herself. She devoured all the stars and all the light...

...And she devoured the sunlight. Neither fire nor water could harm Suok, neither old age not the abyss itself. It was darkness then. Bos Turokh, the great Bull, had frozen in the darkness; his cry was strong enough to pierce it, but it couldn't pierce Suok. She spread herself further, and there was darkness once again...

And so Bos Turokh in his despair opened his mouth horizon-to-horizon and started devouring Suok. Oh, how she struggled trying to flee back to the abyss! And yet she came to be devoured by Bos Turokh bit by bit. To this day she is inside of him, trying in vain to consume him from within his tight embrace.

Bos Turokh had belched Fear from within his depths to exgorge his pain. Bos Turokh had forged Iron from his horns to set the Law and shut Suok to eternal imprisonment within his maw. Bos Turokh had conjured up the Wheel with his thought so that all be destined to return to the beginning.



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On Day 10, a great bull appears in the Bone Stake Lot. Many consider it a miracle and the equal image of the Bos Turokh himself, an aurochs. When the bull is killed, the townsfolk consider it a bad omen.

A certain kind of bull used to be dissected in the Abattoir. The blood was poured underground for many centuries, as a ritual.

The blood of the Aurochs becomes a crucial element in creation of Panacea since it proved to be able to fight the disease. While searching for the blood, Haruspex discovers the meaning behind the word udurgh — a body that contains the world:

The sign conceals two opposing truths: The spirit of Suprahuman Simon—enclosed in the Tower; or the Town, nurtured by the Earth, formed in the mold of Bos Turokh. These are the only two udurghs.
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Pathologic 2

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In the Nocturnal Ending the bulls of steppe legends come back to town. Haruspex suggest that it's the aurochs or Bos Turokh's manifestation itself.
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