Barley the Barber

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Barley the Barber
Barley (Брага)
Barley the Barber (брадобрей Брага)
The Town
Alexander Saburov in Pathologic 2, disclosing his resentment of Barley.

Barely the Barber (брадобрей Брага, Barber Braga) is a minor character in Pathologic and Pathologic 2. He is a former member of Bad Grief's gang, having separated due to disagreements in leadership.


Bachelor Route

On Day 4, the Bachelor is sent to discover if Bad Grief's men were responsible for all the killings that have been happening in the town. Grief will tell him that the ones responsible for killing people have been following Barley and asks the Bachelor to deal with Barley for him.

The Bachelor seeks help from Alexander Saburov, but must head to Barley's warehouse as well. Inside, he will be attacked by seven muggers, including Barley himself, and kill them. He then returns to Grief and tells him that Barley has been dealt with.

Haruspex Route

Barley does not appear during the Haruspex route.

Changeling Route

On Day 4, Changeling is told by her father Alexander Saburov to investigate if Bad Grief is responsible for the outbreak, as his men were seen stabbing people at night and dumping bodies into the river. Bad Grief claims that Barley is actually the mastermind behind such crimes, and that Changeling will be able to find evidence of such in Barley's warehouse. Clara finds a mysterious sack in the back area of the warehouse and brings it to Saburov.

It is revealed that the evidence — which is the severed head of one of Saburov's captains — was planted by Bad Grief to frame Barley of his responsibility for the stabbings. Changeling evokes this confession from Bad Grief with her hypnotic powers.

Pathologic 2

When speaking to Bad Grief in the Cathedral on Day 9, he admits that there are men led by Barley in his former warehouse. Haruspex concedes to paying the men a visit, to see if he can let them know Bad Grief will not be returning. Haruspex is forced to fight for his life after Barley and his men attack him upon arriving.



  • Barley shares his model with regular thug NPCs and does not have a unique appearance.