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The Bachelor
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Daniil Dankovsky
Bachelor (Бакалавр)

Daniil Dankovsky (Даниил Данковский)—also known as the Bachelor—is an expert on thanatology summoned to town by Isidor Burakh, who claims to hold proof to further advance Dankovsky's research on death. He is one of three playable characters alongside the Haruspex and the Changeling. He is also the player character in The Marble Nest.

Description[edit | edit source]

A young and dashing Bachelor of Medicine from the Capital with a brilliant and determined mind, but also someone who carries with his persona a considerable notion of self-importance—he often recites Latin quotes.

Daniil has a strong sense of justice, and uses logic and knowledge to go through life. This way of thinking of his often clashes with the more traditional ways of the Steppe, which brings out in him a temper and an impatience when dealing with people. He is good-natured and cares about the townsfolk, but he still shows a friendlier disposition to those that share his analytical and sceptical mind.

Background[edit | edit source]

Daniil Dankovsky, a Bachelor of Medicine, was brought here by circumstances most unfortunate. Dankovsky's lifework, his theory challenging the existing notions of human mortality, is being harshly persecuted by the Powers That Be. Suddenly a letter arrives from a colleague, suggesting that there is previously undiscovered evidence which may support Dankovsky's claims.

There is a settlement, the letter says, ruled by an extraordinary man who may well be seen as objective proof of Dankovsky's daring hypothesis. Grasping at straws of hope, Dankovsky decides to follow what he believes to be a sign of divine providence. Without further ado, he sets off for the settlement.

"The Invisible Enemy" Route Introduction

After earning a degree in medicine, Dankovsky founded the infamous Thanatica—a laboratory, where he and a closed circle of his associates researched death itself and possible ways to cure it. It is mentioned that in his past, he once met Aglaya Lilich during a presentation where he reanimated dead tissue, and briefly attended the same university as Andrey Stamatin.[1]

From his colleague and a correspondent, Isidor Burakh, Dankovsky learns about a 150 year old named Simon Kain, who seems to have achieved immortality. Dankovsky makes his way to the Town-on-Gorkhon, to meet the old man and verify his age—and in doing so, save his laboratory from interference from the Powers That Be. He arrives in the Town by train and stays at the Stillwater, Eva Yan's house.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Bachelor carries a special "Sighting Device", which allows him to detect contagious clouds of the Plague at a great distance in order to avoid them. He also starts the game with a pair of Medical Gloves and a Scalpel, but may use other weapons as he chooses.

Unlike the other playable characters, the Bachelor may neither gather herbs nor trade with Worms. However, the Bachelor can gamble on rat racing or fight in the Circle of Suok for rewards.

Goals[edit | edit source]

The initial objective of Daniil is to save his Thanatica, seeking to uncover the secret of immortality. Later, he seeks to vanquish the plague and preserve the Polyhedron and those associated with it.

The Bachelor is an adherent of logic and knowledge. He relies upon cold reason, not letting superstitions and the incompetence of others interfere in his work.

Bound (Utopians)[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the original English translation of the game, his name was transliterated as "Daniel Dankovskiy."
  • The Bachelor's appearance in the original game is based on Ilya Stepanov, a former game designer at Ice-Pick Lodge who worked on the original Pathologic.

Spoken Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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