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Anna Angel/Spoken Dialogue

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This entry includes information regarding both Pathologic (2005) and Pathologic 2 (2019).

List of dialogue spoken by Anna Angel. These lines are played when near a character, providing additional insight into the events and characters of the Town.

Dialogue spoken is dependent on both the day and chosen player character.

Pathologic Classic HD


  • Yeah?
  • What?
  • What do you all want from us?
  • I have this flush. My cheeks are burning, aren't they?
  • I don't want to undress. What if there's something scary on my skin?
  • The paint is peeling off me. So ugly.
  • My hair is disheveled and coming out.
  • I could have been a famous singer.
  • Whose child was crying there?
  • Have you met ominous people in circus costumes here?
  • I used to sing every evening.
  • Life is hard.

Day 1

  • (Bachelor) When you look her in the eye, your mouth just kinda... opens up.
  • (Changeling) Why is he interrogating the Bound? That big city snake!
  • (Bachelor / Changeling) Shabnak is an evil maneater made of clay and bones. She's the murderer.

Day 2

  • (Bachelor) Feels good to be the most prudent person in town.
  • (Changeling) Olgimsky is buying up whatever medicine there is. I wonder why...
  • (Bachelor / Changeling) Is Haruspex planning to get rich here? The prices rose fivefold over the morning.

Day 3

  • (Bachelor) Changeling has been seen in a twyrine den. What could she possibly have to talk about with Andrey?
  • (Changeling) Is it fatal? For real?
  • (Bachelor / Changeling) We'll all work out when the regular train comes.

Day 4


Day 5

  • (Bachelor) Can you catch a rat, or a mouse, in the dark?
  • (Bachelor) Purr, says the cat.
  • (Haruspex) They say Bachelor will make a proper vaccine any moment now.
  • (Haruspex) She has an easy stride. Where's she going this time?

Day 6

  • (Bachelor) So it was Clara in the Cathedral tonight.
  • (Bachelor) They say Inquisitors can do anything. Their power is unrestricted.
  • (Changeling) That thing is here somewhere. Go look for it.
  • (Changeling) Mark Immortell has announced that he knows of some Rat Prophet.

Day 7-10


Day 11

  • (Haruspex) Bachelor is planning to save the Polyhedron at any cost.
  • (Changeling) Bachelor came to the conclusion that the Town has to be destroyed?
  • (Haruspex / Changeling) So... will the Town be destroyed along with the Townsfolk?

Day 12

  • My path was called "The Angel of Death" . I'm not sure myself what I used to be in the Caravan.
  • If there's enough people like me, the Town will stay the same. We'll surrender ourselves to Clara unregretted. A rotten life belongs to the new Mistress.

Pathologic 2

  • Could you catch a grouse, or a dormouse, in a dark house?
  • "Purrrrr," said the cat.
  • Happily ever after... lasted for about a week and change.
  • And there she was lying, you know... just splayed out on the floor glaring at them all...
  • Just please don't touch me! Ever! I hate the feel of all that... skin.
  • Never open doors with my bare hands. Tip of my boot, or a 'kerchief round the doorknob...
  • "Meow! Meow! Feed me! Feed me!" God, how do people put up with cats?
  • How about we build a town without any damn children?
  • Seriously, why is no one being buried? No carts cracking the cobbles, no shovels shifting dirt in the churchyard...
  • A vicious cat is still just as stupid—and so it is with men.
  • Shall it rain? Shall it snow? Don't ask again: I don't know.
  • Hope springs eternal. But you're at the wrong river.
  • When you look into those eyes, your mouth just... starts moving on its own.
  • A shabnak, a maneater of clay and bone and hair. She's the killer!
  • It's throw yourself in the river, brick yourself in the basement, or get sandboxed... why are you looking at me like that?
  • Feels good to be so... so very... prudent. Prudent, is what I mean.
  • I hate handshakes. So... viciously intimate. Always making me wash my hands...
  • Ugh, the feeling of dried soil under my fingernails...
  • My skin is tingling. Right on my fingertips. What does that mean?
  • Just don't touch the face afterwards. Just... leave the face alone.
  • Well knows the mouse that the cat's out o' the house.
  • Run a finger round a wineglass and she sings... mind you don't cut yourself.
  • Yeeeah?
  • What?
  • What do you all want from us?
  • I'm flushed... my cheeks are burning, aren't they?
  • I'm afraid of undressing... what if I should... spot something on my skin?
  • I can feel the paint peeling off my body.
  • My hair's a tangle... coming out in clumps...
  • I could have been famous, you know. Far from here.
  • Do I hear a child crying?
  • I used to sing every day. At dusk.
  • Haah... Such is life.
  • My path was called "The Angel of Death." I'm not sure, myself, why I was in the Caravan... forgive me, please! I promise I'll be good!